2 rounds #HIIT & a short #stretch #yoga

I was still pretty sore through the glutes today, though not as bad as last night for sure. I was working all day on assimilating / studying some new software. I just wanted to get in a little workout.

I got all excited earlier when I realized I’ve got another organic potato to bake, also some fresh herbs. And I could either have another meal of dal or some baby broccoli.



  • I found Kelsey on BodyRock, when I was doing the HIITmax.
  • Did this in 2 rounds of (50/10) rather than the (40/10) in the video, for 24min sets
  1. 8x High Knees, 2x Snowboarder
  2. Single Arm Burpee (L/R)
  3. Feet Elevated Full Release Pushup
  4. Figure 8 Swing swing 10lbs dumbbell forward, squat & swing back & behind alt legs
  5. Criss Cross Tuck Jump criss cross legs jack, both side & tuck
  6. Pull Complex – 2x Bent Over Row, Upright Row, Bicep Curl 20lbs / 30lbs
  7. Burpee Commandos burpee & walk down to forearm plank & back up, tuck jump
  8. Curtsy Side Kick R 20lbs the kick is out to the side, not forward
  9. Curtsy Side Kick L
  10. Donkey Kick, Step Kick through, Bear Crawl
  11. 3x Skater, 3x Plyo Lunge
  12. Ninja to Crab Walk 2 sideways steps in squat
  13. Single Leg Deadlift L, Front Kick 20lbs
  14. Single Leg Deadlift R, Front Kick
  15. 2x Jump Squat, Run Touch, Run Back
  16. Side Plank, Thread the Needle, Knee R 5lbs
  17. Side Plank, Thread the Needle, Knee L
  18. Semi Circle Mountain Climbers
  19. Weight Drag Swing 20lbs
  20. 2x Spider Pushup, 2x Frog Jump spider leg comes forward & then up & back to 3-legged down dog
  21. Bridge Press to Pullover 20lbs on back, weights overhead & arms straight. Lift hips to bridge & lower weights overhead pull
  22. 2x Tricep Kickback, 2x Weight Squat Jump 20lbs
  23. Squat Hold Press Out, Press Out Up wide sumo squat. Press weights straight out from chest. Bring back in & then extend out for triceps
  24. Goblet Squat & Press 30lbs

Some quick, easy asana

May be another ashtanga day tomorrow, though I’d have to get my ass going unusually early for my new, hippie-artist existence. I have to be ready by 11am. I need to go get some basic drawing supplies from The Hill*, plus one book. I’ll bring some new stuff over to take its place (for a couple weeks), plus Sir Henry.

Thank ye gods I did the yoga #ashtanga #primary+

My glutes are really sore today! Yesterday’s routine is a keeper for sure, one to repeat. And interestingly, when I got really sore from doing my other favorite of M’s lower body workouts, it was more in the quads. Therefore these two sets will work well together.

So ya today was going to be a yoga day, only due to circumstances, I simply canNOT get myself going chop-chop, particularly yoga which I still have associated with performance and striving, in some ways, in spite of all the work I’ve done in letting go, over the past five years or so. I was feeling really wistful for the group, that group energy that makes the practice infinitely easier. The hardest part is delivering yourself to the studio, really.

And I wonder whether I’d have made some good connections if I’d gone to Jason’s room in the Pearl, in the spring, like I was kind of thinking I wanted to do. But then I still believed a gig with Nike was going to happen in the summer, and I thought I’d wait for that. It was an expense issue.

Primary+. I left out the 4 boring poses. After Laghu Vajrasana then a weighted Hanuman & one Kapo hang. I didn’t move toward hand touch down though, since that didn’t seem so good for me last time I tried. Only 3 drop backs. I haven’t done ticks at all lately but some handstanding happens in the series poses.




Longish workout of mostly #reps #weights with some #cardio intervals & closing #stretch

This felt oddly satisfying. Melissa posted the legs routine on her most recent blog post. She’s so cute & pregnant. I did that & an upper body routine she posted yesterday & then just a little stretching, because I was nearly at 90min after the two reps sets. And sure I could work out 2 hours, but around 90min feels like my ideal amount of time, thorough but not OCD over-kill.

IMG_4920 Lower Body Dumbbell Sculpt for Butt, Thighs & Legs

  • 1 round, time: 45:57 to exercise 20, which is the last in the tutorial, 59:28 to the end with my added exercises. I stopped to take a like 4min break & take notes & then I added some outer & inner thigh with ankle weights. They are clunky to get on & off so it’s good to add them onto a legs routine that isn’t 10-seconds break between working intervals.
  1. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  2. Warrior Deadlift-Right, 20lbs
  3. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  4. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope
  5. Single Leg Squat/Leg Abduction-Right
  6. Single Leg Squat/Leg Abduction-Left
  7. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  8. Sit to Stand-Right, 10lbs Did 8 & 9 in sets of 10/10, 10/10.
  9. Sit to Stand-Left
  10. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope
  11. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right, 20lbs Did 11 & 12 in sets of 10/10, 10/10.
  12. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
  13. Romanian Deadlift, 40lbs
  14. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  15. In/Out Squat Jump, 20lbs
  16. Plie Squat Press, 30lbs
  17. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope 90 hops this interval FYI. Doing this as the 150 rep option would definitely slow me down! I ease off when my heart rate gets high.
  18. Squat Walk-Right
  19. Squat Walk-Left
  20. 60-Seconds Jump Rope 127 hops this interval, but this is misleading as I did fast time hops throughout only here! Normally I slow to half-time after 30-50.
  21. Outer Thigh 1 Red exercises are my added floor work w/ ankle weights.
  22. Inner Thigh 1 
  23. Outer Thigh 2
  24. Inner Thigh 2
  25. Outer Thigh 1, other side
  26. Inner Thigh 1, other side
  27. Outer Thigh 2, other side
  28. Inner Thigh 2, other side

Slim and Sculpted Arms: Home Workout

  • time: oops forgot to track
  • 20 reps
  1. Row Lunge (right) 20lbs 1 & 2 10/10 & 10/10
  2. Row Lunge (left)
  3. 60-Seconds High Knees Jump Rope
  4. Overhead Tricep 20lbs
  5. Mountain Push-up
  6. Curl (right) 15lbs Seated, elbow against inside of knee. 5 & 6 done in 10/10 – 15lbs and 10/10 – 13lbs. Left arm is weaker & has a little glitchy spot so I dropped down 2nd set to baby it.
  7. Curl (left)
  8. 60-Seconds Jump Rope
  9. Chest Press 40lbs On dinosaur
  10. Tricep Kickbacks 20lbs
  11. Decline Pushup Tricep – 10 reps
  12. Tricep Press Backs 20lbs Holding 1 dumbbell with straight arms
  13. Decline Pushup Tricep – 10 reps


  1. Virasana
  2. Supta V
  3. Malasana
  4. Paschimo
  5. Block A
  6. Block B
  7. Savasana

2 rounds #HIIT & #yoga #backbends #inversions


Bootcamp HIIT: 20 Minutes per Round

  • Round 1 with video.

1. Knee Drop Plank
2. Seated Leg Lift
3. Leg Circles (right)
4. Leg Circles (left)
5. Heel Tap Abs
-High Knees
6. Down Dog Hop (right)
-High Knees
7. Down Dog Hop (left)
-High Knees
8. Lunge & Reach Twist 
-High Knees
9. Single Leg Hip Thrust
-High Knees
10. Alternating Knee Tap Table Top I tapped elbow to outside knee rather than hand to top of knee.
-Squat Jump
11. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist (right)
-Squat Jump
12. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist
-Squat Jump
13. Down Dog Plank Press
-Squat Jump
14. Heel Press Plank (right)
-Squat Jump
15. Heel Press Plank (left)

  • 2nd round done (50/10) with skipping for 30min set
  • Exercise order change was accidental. Was reading them off preview on laptop! But I made a note of it here just for accuracy.
  1. Knee Drop Plank on forearms.
  2. Sliders 
  3. Leg Circles (right)
  4. Leg Circles (left)
  5. Heel Tap Abs Leg raises while tapping heels.
  6. Down Dog Hop (right) Draw knee in toward center, then extend leg & hop
  7. Down Dog Hop (left)
  8. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist (right)
  9. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist
  10. Lunge & Reach Twist Lunge forward deep, put opp hand on floor & twist. Alt.
  11. Single Leg Hip Thrust
  12. Alternating Knee Tap Table Top 
  13. Heel Press Plank (right)
  14. Heel Press Plank (left)
  15. Down Dog Plank Press


This little bit of closing yoga was an excellent reminder to myself that I don’t have to do any sort of preparation for closing back bending after HIIT. If tapas is body heat, skipping does a hell of a lot more to prepare the body than just primary would (Even though I normally do a tiny bit of 2nd series back bending after primary, it’s not enough to supercede the effects of the HIIT because Kapo is still too dangerous. I can practice back bending in this different way, however, that feels good & doesn’t cause my spine to spazz out.)

  • Urdhva D 1, on blocks, arms braced on wall, 1m up / 1m rest in mini savasana
  • Urdhva D 2, go up for 5 breaths & then walk hands in once, 1m up / 1m rest in mini savasana
  • Urdhva D 3, walk in twice & then stand
  • Drop Backs, 5x
  • Sirsasana – 2min
  • Bhujanga – 1min
  • Paschimo – 1min
  • Sarvanga, Halasana, Karnapidasana, Matseyendra – 1min each
  • Savasana – 1min

(10:07-11:50am) Primary+ #ashtanga #yoga • God, I needed that

Did the four boring poses in primary, because I was SO stiff & sore. No kapo hangs today though. I stopped at laghu vajrasana. It was enough just to do the widest, sloppiest, most ridiculous drop backs. And indeed, I dropped myself on my knees the first time I went to stand from wheel. I was nervous I was too close to the window & that was enough to mess me up. I backed up & started over.

Bowl of sprouted grain cereal, with cranberries, slivered almonds & cashew milk & it’s time to get ready.

Here’s some graphic footage that shows the sheer brutality of animal slaughter

It’s horrifying, frankly, and it’s the global norm. There just isn’t a way to cut off someone’s head or slit their throat humanely. The fact that these beings were raised to be murdered and consumed for human pleasure makes absolutely not one fucking shred of a difference to the brutality.

Today’s workout #HIIT #intervals #abs and a #stretch


23 Minute High Intensity Interval Workout: Full Body Cardio (HIIT)

  • 1 round (30/50) with High Knees

1. Decline Pushups wide arms
2. Double Squat Jump alt close knee squat & wide squat
3. Burpee
4. Reverse Hook Crunch
5. Spiderman Plank lift leg up & squeeze butt, then knee to elbow
6. Frogger
7. Switch Lunge 
8. Surfer
9. Alt Pistol Squat Single Leg Frogger to rack w/ 10lbs
10. Temple Tap Abs
11. Frog Hopper
12. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right)
13. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
14. Rotating Side Plank Crunch
15. Sumo Squat Twist stand upright

And then, because I’m still a little bored with my usual, I decided to try another couple Gymra routines. I never burn as much as videos claim though. I’m too petite. A few times I’ve tried other HIITs that have “1000 calories” in the title I got to like 500-something.

Burn 400 Calories & Build Lean Muscle – 30 Min Total Body Workout

Was good. Pace was a little too fast tho. I’d rather mix in some jump rope & slow down some of the transitions so I could have better form & go a bit heavier. If I were doing this on my own I’d probably take 45min. I burned 222. Noted where I was after the first hit so I could check my burn on this one against the title claim.

Advanced Total Abs Workout – Six Pack Abs In 20 Min

Same trainer as previous set. OK so I like this lady’s routines a lot better than the one I tried first, a couple workouts ago. These two, new-for-me sets would totally be worth the trouble of detailing out, to do without the videos at my own pace.

About 10min Stretch

Rest day, with about 20min super easy yoga

Felt really sore in the muscles and a complete apathy in spirit all day. It’s a Netflix & Prime Video in bed kind of Saturday. But I did one small thing to stretch a bit.

Most quick, online yoga classes aren’t even as thorough or effective as the first bit of the most basic of ashtanga practices, the suryas and standing. However if you’re not going to do anything else at all, not even take a walk outside (and the sun came out!) then why not.

My sister has been asking for beginner yoga advice too, DVDs or anything she can do at home, which made me think of the YouTube option. (I don’t even have a DVD drive anymore. It’s why I gave away all my Beach Body DVDs, plus one random Jillian Michaels. I did keep the two Matthew Sweeney though.)

Yoga for the Blues with Lesley Fightmaster

I’m a subscriber to this channel & I’d done a few of the routines before, sometimes after a HIIT, when I might not’ve stretched otherwise. This doesn’t happen often because most of the time I’d rather freeform and do my own thing, but today I wasn’t even willing to work that hard. I figured this’d be a few gentle back bends & I was right. It didn’t burn as many calories as an even moderately brisk walk would – not that I bothered wearing a monitor or even changing out of my jammies – but it was nice. I like her speaking voice a lot and she cues well.

I spent about 10 minutes using my pressure point tool before hand.

3 rounds #HIIT, 1 round #reps, 20min #yoga, #asana

There’s actually blue skies in Portland today & it’s a balmy 55 degrees. Finally I can feel smug about the weather, in comparison to the northeast. NYC is 30 and expecting a maybe-blizzard. Snow there is only cool & nice during the first day, and then after that a disgusting mess.


15 Minute High Intensity Home Cardio Workout

  • 3 rounds (50/10)
  • 1st round w/ video; 2nd round with 6lb vest

1. High Knees
2. Frogger
3. Lunge Kick (right)
4. Lunge Kick (left)
5. Jumping Jacks
6. Jump Squat
7. Mountain Climbers
8. Plie Jump
9. Plank Jack on forearms
10. Ninja Jump These would be hard for anyone with iffy knees. Mine are awesome so long as I never ask them to Purna Matseyendrasana again. I was one of the few who could get both hip bones on the ground in that pose & be full balanced for the bind. Great for showing off. Terrible for previously indestructible knees.
11. Burpee
12. Low Jack hands clasped behind head
13. Side Step Up (right)
14. Side Step Up (left)
15. Twister 2nd & 3rd rounds w/ 6lb dumbells

Body Weight Full Body Challenge

  • Reps – 20. Time – 19:05.45

1. (Almost) Handstand Push Ups Feet elevated
2. Seated Leg Lift (right) Sit on floor with legs in wide V.
3. Seated Leg Lift (left)
4. Prone Heel Press On belly, bent legs, feet pressing toward ceiling.
5. Right Side Lunge with Knee Twist Knee goes to opp elbow.
6. Left Side Lunge with Knee Twist
7. Boat Pose
8. Right Side Plank Hip Lift
9. Left Side Plank Hip Lift
10. Sliders Ab Ball Pull
11. Butt Lift on Bench Ball Feet wide & then together, alt.
12. Plank Chest Press Forearm plank, dropping chest to floor & back up.


About 20min of the easy, restorative stuff.

Today’s #workout, GymRa isn’t intense enough for me

I’d need to detail out every workout, add skipping & break down some of the more complex moves, in order to be able to move heavier weights. This won’t happen because the YouTube clips don’t come with handy breakdown lists.

I suppose it’s good I did something on a day I didn’t feel like working out. I’ve already taken two days off this weekend though, so I wanted to get the blood moving at least a little.

The three routines I did are linked below. I’d gone through the first one to detail it out & I added a few rounds of skipping, and changed the order a little. I’ll just go back to my Bender and the older BodyRocks, I guess.


Best HIIT Workout focusing on abs & booty

  1. Step & punch, pivoting side to side – 6lbs
  2. Reach & pull, heels to butt
  3. Sumo squat, moving elbows side to side
  4. Side to side lunge, staying low
  5. Deadlift & lunge, legs stay in one place, R – 20lbs
  6. Other Side
  7. Bear into tuck jump: low, wide leg squat, do little half push-up into triceps, push weight back & tuck jump
  8. Skipping
  9. Curtsy lunge & press up, R – 10lbs (right leg is the one moving – weight on left) elbow pulls to knee when you bring leg back
  10. Other Side
  11. Surfer, coming down really low, moving butt back & hands apart
  12. Skipping
  13. Tick-tock lunge: reach forward w/ one leg & touch floor w/ same hand. Lunge back & touch w/ opp hand
  14. Other Side
  15. Burpee split jumps: burpee & jump into lunge, alt legs.
  16. Power bicycle: standing with a hop between sides
  17. Skipping
  18. Sumo pass-under goblet squat: 10lbs – sumo stance; pass under both sides; weight to chest; squat deeper & then jump up while pressing up
  19. Sumo pivot: 10lbs; twist to one side & do a sort of wood chop over leg
  20. Lunge to power squat: start in lunge; jump & pivot to the side, toward opp leg
  21. Sumo pass-under goblet squat: reaching toward the other side first
  22. Lunge to power squat: other side
  23. Warrior I crunch: facing front foot, crunch straight. Turn torso to front & elbow to knee
  24. Other Side

HIIT workout for fat loss with weights

Brutal TABATA Workout with Ab Focus With Julia Bognar 

It’s not brutal at all. It’s a moderate abs set.