Today’s #workout, GymRa isn’t intense enough for me

I’d need to detail out every workout, add skipping & break down some of the more complex moves, in order to be able to move heavier weights. This won’t happen because the YouTube clips don’t come with handy breakdown lists.

I suppose it’s good I did something on a day I didn’t feel like working out. I’ve already taken two days off this weekend though, so I wanted to get the blood moving at least a little.

The three routines I did are linked below. I’d gone through the first one to detail it out & I added a few rounds of skipping, and changed the order a little. I’ll just go back to my Bender and the older BodyRocks, I guess.


Best HIIT Workout focusing on abs & booty

  1. Step & punch, pivoting side to side – 6lbs
  2. Reach & pull, heels to butt
  3. Sumo squat, moving elbows side to side
  4. Side to side lunge, staying low
  5. Deadlift & lunge, legs stay in one place, R – 20lbs
  6. Other Side
  7. Bear into tuck jump: low, wide leg squat, do little half push-up into triceps, push weight back & tuck jump
  8. Skipping
  9. Curtsy lunge & press up, R – 10lbs (right leg is the one moving – weight on left) elbow pulls to knee when you bring leg back
  10. Other Side
  11. Surfer, coming down really low, moving butt back & hands apart
  12. Skipping
  13. Tick-tock lunge: reach forward w/ one leg & touch floor w/ same hand. Lunge back & touch w/ opp hand
  14. Other Side
  15. Burpee split jumps: burpee & jump into lunge, alt legs.
  16. Power bicycle: standing with a hop between sides
  17. Skipping
  18. Sumo pass-under goblet squat: 10lbs – sumo stance; pass under both sides; weight to chest; squat deeper & then jump up while pressing up
  19. Sumo pivot: 10lbs; twist to one side & do a sort of wood chop over leg
  20. Lunge to power squat: start in lunge; jump & pivot to the side, toward opp leg
  21. Sumo pass-under goblet squat: reaching toward the other side first
  22. Lunge to power squat: other side
  23. Warrior I crunch: facing front foot, crunch straight. Turn torso to front & elbow to knee
  24. Other Side

HIIT workout for fat loss with weights

Brutal TABATA Workout with Ab Focus With Julia Bognar 

It’s not brutal at all. It’s a moderate abs set.


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