3 rounds #HIIT, 1 round #reps, 20min #yoga, #asana

There’s actually blue skies in Portland today & it’s a balmy 55 degrees. Finally I can feel smug about the weather, in comparison to the northeast. NYC is 30 and expecting a maybe-blizzard. Snow there is only cool & nice during the first day, and then after that a disgusting mess.


15 Minute High Intensity Home Cardio Workout

  • 3 rounds (50/10)
  • 1st round w/ video; 2nd round with 6lb vest

1. High Knees
2. Frogger
3. Lunge Kick (right)
4. Lunge Kick (left)
5. Jumping Jacks
6. Jump Squat
7. Mountain Climbers
8. Plie Jump
9. Plank Jack on forearms
10. Ninja Jump These would be hard for anyone with iffy knees. Mine are awesome so long as I never ask them to Purna Matseyendrasana again. I was one of the few who could get both hip bones on the ground in that pose & be full balanced for the bind. Great for showing off. Terrible for previously indestructible knees.
11. Burpee
12. Low Jack hands clasped behind head
13. Side Step Up (right)
14. Side Step Up (left)
15. Twister 2nd & 3rd rounds w/ 6lb dumbells

Body Weight Full Body Challenge

  • Reps – 20. Time – 19:05.45

1. (Almost) Handstand Push Ups Feet elevated
2. Seated Leg Lift (right) Sit on floor with legs in wide V.
3. Seated Leg Lift (left)
4. Prone Heel Press On belly, bent legs, feet pressing toward ceiling.
5. Right Side Lunge with Knee Twist Knee goes to opp elbow.
6. Left Side Lunge with Knee Twist
7. Boat Pose
8. Right Side Plank Hip Lift
9. Left Side Plank Hip Lift
10. Sliders Ab Ball Pull
11. Butt Lift on Bench Ball Feet wide & then together, alt.
12. Plank Chest Press Forearm plank, dropping chest to floor & back up.


About 20min of the easy, restorative stuff.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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