Rest day, with about 20min super easy yoga

Felt really sore in the muscles and a complete apathy in spirit all day. It’s a Netflix & Prime Video in bed kind of Saturday. But I did one small thing to stretch a bit.

Most quick, online yoga classes aren’t even as thorough or effective as the first bit of the most basic of ashtanga practices, the suryas and standing. However if you’re not going to do anything else at all, not even take a walk outside (and the sun came out!) then why not.

My sister has been asking for beginner yoga advice too, DVDs or anything she can do at home, which made me think of the YouTube option. (I don’t even have a DVD drive anymore. It’s why I gave away all my Beach Body DVDs, plus one random Jillian Michaels. I did keep the two Matthew Sweeney though.)

Yoga for the Blues with Lesley Fightmaster

I’m a subscriber to this channel & I’d done a few of the routines before, sometimes after a HIIT, when I might not’ve stretched otherwise. This doesn’t happen often because most of the time I’d rather freeform and do my own thing, but today I wasn’t even willing to work that hard. I figured this’d be a few gentle back bends & I was right. It didn’t burn as many calories as an even moderately brisk walk would – not that I bothered wearing a monitor or even changing out of my jammies – but it was nice. I like her speaking voice a lot and she cues well.

I spent about 10 minutes using my pressure point tool before hand.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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