Thank ye gods I did the yoga #ashtanga #primary+

My glutes are really sore today! Yesterday’s routine is a keeper for sure, one to repeat. And interestingly, when I got really sore from doing my other favorite of M’s lower body workouts, it was more in the quads. Therefore these two sets will work well together.

So ya today was going to be a yoga day, only due to circumstances, I simply canNOT get myself going chop-chop, particularly yoga which I still have associated with performance and striving, in some ways, in spite of all the work I’ve done in letting go, over the past five years or so. I was feeling really wistful for the group, that group energy that makes the practice infinitely easier. The hardest part is delivering yourself to the studio, really.

And I wonder whether I’d have made some good connections if I’d gone to Jason’s room in the Pearl, in the spring, like I was kind of thinking I wanted to do. But then I still believed a gig with Nike was going to happen in the summer, and I thought I’d wait for that. It was an expense issue.

Primary+. I left out the 4 boring poses. After Laghu Vajrasana then a weighted Hanuman & one Kapo hang. I didn’t move toward hand touch down though, since that didn’t seem so good for me last time I tried. Only 3 drop backs. I haven’t done ticks at all lately but some handstanding happens in the series poses.





Author: Boodiba

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