2 rounds #HIIT & a short #stretch #yoga

I was still pretty sore through the glutes today, though not as bad as last night for sure. I was working all day on assimilating / studying some new software. I just wanted to get in a little workout.

I got all excited earlier when I realized I’ve got another organic potato to bake, also some fresh herbs. And I could either have another meal of dal or some baby broccoli.



  • I found Kelsey on BodyRock, when I was doing the HIITmax.
  • Did this in 2 rounds of (50/10) rather than the (40/10) in the video, for 24min sets
  1. 8x High Knees, 2x Snowboarder
  2. Single Arm Burpee (L/R)
  3. Feet Elevated Full Release Pushup
  4. Figure 8 Swing swing 10lbs dumbbell forward, squat & swing back & behind alt legs
  5. Criss Cross Tuck Jump criss cross legs jack, both side & tuck
  6. Pull Complex – 2x Bent Over Row, Upright Row, Bicep Curl 20lbs / 30lbs
  7. Burpee Commandos burpee & walk down to forearm plank & back up, tuck jump
  8. Curtsy Side Kick R 20lbs the kick is out to the side, not forward
  9. Curtsy Side Kick L
  10. Donkey Kick, Step Kick through, Bear Crawl
  11. 3x Skater, 3x Plyo Lunge
  12. Ninja to Crab Walk 2 sideways steps in squat
  13. Single Leg Deadlift L, Front Kick 20lbs
  14. Single Leg Deadlift R, Front Kick
  15. 2x Jump Squat, Run Touch, Run Back
  16. Side Plank, Thread the Needle, Knee R 5lbs
  17. Side Plank, Thread the Needle, Knee L
  18. Semi Circle Mountain Climbers
  19. Weight Drag Swing 20lbs
  20. 2x Spider Pushup, 2x Frog Jump spider leg comes forward & then up & back to 3-legged down dog
  21. Bridge Press to Pullover 20lbs on back, weights overhead & arms straight. Lift hips to bridge & lower weights overhead pull
  22. 2x Tricep Kickback, 2x Weight Squat Jump 20lbs
  23. Squat Hold Press Out, Press Out Up wide sumo squat. Press weights straight out from chest. Bring back in & then extend out for triceps
  24. Goblet Squat & Press 30lbs

Some quick, easy asana

May be another ashtanga day tomorrow, though I’d have to get my ass going unusually early for my new, hippie-artist existence. I have to be ready by 11am. I need to go get some basic drawing supplies from The Hill*, plus one book. I’ll bring some new stuff over to take its place (for a couple weeks), plus Sir Henry.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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