I just feel better when I get my heart rate up • #HIIT and #asana #yoga

Wasn’t quite as high as a burn as last time I tried this new format, but I was Periscoping that time. Even a potential audience can have a similar effect to practice / workout companions or a teacher.

Any burn over 500 or so feels like I’ve done a good (significant) workout, and I’m not basing an emotional or ego reaction on the numbers. I’m saying that when I’ve gotten a good sweat going and worked to a certain level, I know my stats are going to be at a certain level when it’s done.


HIIT (50/10) 24-minute skipping set

  1. Elevated Push-ups
  2. Swings – 35lb kettle bell
  3. Wood Chops – 10lbs
  4. Other side
  5. Half Burpee, Upright Row – 20lbs
  6. Wide Squat – 40lbs
  7. Pike / V abs – 10lbs
  8. Rollback Jump Squats holding 10lbs, sit & go back to straight out – holding weight forward to help get onto feet, come forward to squat & jump up
  9. Supergirl Tricep Push-ups 
  10. Big Plyo Hop
  11. Side Plank Crunch touch knee with elbow – 5lbs
  12. Other side


Like last time, only adding the rack for 1min before the Kapo B hang & two twists before pashasana.

  • Latest style suryas & standing fundamentals (with 2pt weighted hanuman – 10 breaths this time)
  • Marichy C & D
  • Second to laghu vajra, then do the usual EPRK and Kapo B work
  • Drop backs – 5
  • Ticks – skipped for today because wasn’t sure when the door I was practicing next to was gonna open, also my right shoulder is just a bit strained & I could feel it the most yesterday in the ticks
  • Finishing
  • Savasana


Long, slow, low heartrate #primary

Today I tried adding back in the four primary poses I normally skipped, and reconfirmed they do nothing for me, with the exception of a bit of hip & nice toe stretch on Janu Sirsa C. Plus my shoulders were still fatigued to start off with, from all the extra standing and (trying to) include extra work on the jump backs.

I only got it up in 2 out 5 navasana handstands for instance, but it was ok. If I ended up doing a sort of hip-raised jump back into catarunga, then I just did a vinyasa and came back for the next go.

Anyway I’ve reconfirmed that the tiny bit of the beginning of second I normally do is way more useful than that portion of primary. I’m leaving those poses off permanently.


Then I had two veggie burgers rather than the single burger and a half a plate of veggies and/or salad that I’d have normally had, in my entire previous adult life of living close to restaurants, supermarkets and delis. I’m still getting used to eating what’s available rather than what I might truly want at the moment. The only time that happens is if I’ve planned on cooking something specific and we’ve shopped for it or we go out for dinner.

In bed, with laptop #restdays

I did this often enough, in The Hotel, but when you live alone there’s no one to witness non events like that, except your cat, or social media if you feel like announcing it.

I worked out hard this past week though. Doing a lot of (even baby) ashtanga – after such a lot time of very, very sporadic – is challenging psychologically. And then my two days of HIIT & a tiny bit of second series were super intense. Lastly I hadn’t taken a rest day since last week.

So, when Sir Henry was waking me up for pets, cuddling & nose kissing the first time this morning, and my right wrist was aching, I decided that today will be a rest day, and I lingered in bed longer than usual. I’m going to have to return to stretching out the right wrist for a few moments before every practice / workout, if I’m going to be super hand-standy lady! It’s no biggie. It’s what I did before every practice when I was a devoted ashtangi, practicing full third series three times a week. You just make it hurt a little before you start and then it doesn’t throb, ache and otherwise tweak out on you later.

Yoga didn’t actually create the special needs of that wrist! Ashtanga is very injurious, especially anything past primary, but in this case, childhood and teenage injuries are to blame. And thankfully I don’t have an injury or tweak now. I just felt some soreness which is a warning I will heed.

You’re supposed to take at least one rest day per week anyway.

Just turned on Kino’s Periscope broadcast.


Excellent workout today! #HIIT & #asana #yoga

Just a 24min set will keep my heart rate up in the fitness zones during asana, even when it’s only the most basic, with a little bit of intermediate. A 643 burn in 90-minutes for an approximately 110lb woman is amazing! And of course I work mainly in the fat burning zone on yoga only days, so I think I’ve stumbled upon a perfect balance for myself.



*Cardio: skipping (50/10) for a 24min set

  1. Squat jumps
  2. Dead lift, squat, alt lunges – 40lbs
  3. Temple tap abs
  4. Stationary lunge (down & up but don’t step forward – keep feet in one place) & shoulder press (same arm as leg) – 15lbs
  5. Other side
  6. Wide leg frogger – keep feet just outside mat & jump forward & back
  7. Burpee / surfer – jump up from burpee into squat, jump up & change direction
  8. Tricep dips
  9. Step up on rack with one leg & kick straight out to the back with the other – 20lbs
  10. Other side
  11. Dumbbell to one shoulder, squat, put it down, wide push-up, tuck jump – alt sides – 20lbs
  12. Kettlebell swings – 35lbs


  • Latest style suryas & standing fundamentals
  • Second to laghu vajra, then do the usual EPRK and Kapo B work
  • Drop backs
  • Ticks
  • Finishing
  • Savasana


Extra hand-standy #primary+ round 2

Boy am I relieved once I get through the navasanas now! And I’m still using the wall. Once there’s no need to prove anything for self validation, the path of least resistance becomes ever so much more attractive…

I don’t want to do this particular mode on consecutive days, but I could already feel the difference between this 2nd time and the first time, two days ago. And I felt pretty limber because I’d done the fundamentals and a bit of 2nd (plus drop backs) after yesterday’s HIIT. I am liking this routine! One day do all ashtanga with all the extra strength work and the next do a 20-30min HIIT and abbreviated ashtanga, focusing more on back bends.

Kapo progress: I’ve been able to do the EPRK consistently, without the bad reaction. It’s tight, especially on the right side, and not what you’d call “comfortable” but it’s therapeutic. After that I do my Kapo hang. When I was getting the reaction I stopped the EPRK and stayed elevated for the hang. Lately I’ve been consistently putting my hands on the floor, walking in a little bit & trying (unsuccessfully I should say) to straighten my arms once situated & counting the breaths. I walked in ever so slightly further today. As it feels comfortable and not too stressful, I may try grabbing the heels… I think if I follow the new program pretty consistently, and do some back bending on my HIIT days, it’ll happen fairly soon.



30min #HIIT & then some #secondseries #ashtanga #yoga


Round Butt, Strong Legs

  • (50/10) with skipping for a 30-minute set
  1. Hip Thrust, 35lbs
  2. Step Up with Kickback-R, 20lbs leaving foot on bench
  3. Step up with Kickback-L
  4. Side Leg Lift-R, 10lbs, lying on floor
  5. Side Leg Lift-L
  6. Kneeling Warrior III-R, 20lbs, start kneeling, push through standing foot to warrior III
  7. Kneeling Warrior III-L
  8. Reverse Plank Heel Tap Lift alt straight legs up & tap out to the side
  9. Plie Squat, 30lbs
  10. Wall Sit Hip Tilt, with pelvic tilt
  11. Dip with Leg Lift
  12. Alt Pistol Squats heels propped on dumbbell
  13. Goblet Squat – 35lbs
  14. Side Step Leg Lift-R, 20lbs
  15. Side Step Leg Lift-L


  • Suryas & fundamentals (with handstands in A & the 5-breath handstands @ end)
  • 2nd to Laghu V with one very brief , shallow Kapo hang
  • Urdhva D & 3 drop backs
  • Finishing



20 #handstand #primary+ #yoga

Followed my friend Michael’s advice (on getting more of a workout from my yoga) & added more work in the vinyasas.

Normally I’d been doing 2 handstands in the opening – after utkatasana & virabhadrasana II – and holding them 5 breaths each. I also swing up on the exits from krounchasana, 1 leading leg style, and on the exits from ustrasana & laghu vajrasana. I do all those by a wall and then 3 freestanding handstand-to-ticks in closing back bending.

Today I added 5 in the surya As, and I did 5 navasana handstands, not just 1 on the exit like usual. I couldn’t “thread the needle” & successfully come back down & through at all but that wasn’t the main goal.

I also tried raising the hips more, thinking “toward the ceiling” on my jump backs. Wasn’t too good at that, though I’ve been able to do the no touch kind since I was doing just led class at the gym. I learned that skill nearly two decades ago.

I’d have had 19 handstands but I had to repeat the first tick, because Rocco (the dog) chose the absolutely worst moment to get in my space. I was a little nervous about my arm strength reserves, considering all the extra stuff I’d done, and it’d taken me three tries to stick the first one, so I was pissed and yelled at her.

We all know yogic calm is a myth anyway, except those people who’ve never spent much time with yoga practitioners and thus tend to believe those kinds of fables. Hell, I remember reading a book by a typically doughty Iyengar yogi, Eric Schiffman, years ago & he told a story about Iyengar punching him in the face during practice, like that was some kind of honor. He seems like a pretty merry cherub though so I guess no harm done.

I still might do my cropped ashtanga with HIIT again this week though. I don’t  know that I want to ask my shoulders to do all that more than a 2/3 times a week. Oh! Also threw in one more pose after headstand: gomukhasana. Figured that’d be a good idea.