Got a decent burn today – 3 rounds #HIIT


1st 2 sets based on:

23 Minute High Intensity Interval Workout: Full Body Cardio

  • 2 rounds of (30/50) with high knees.
  • When it’s a 30/50 round, there are no rests. The repeated element is the 30sec interval, high knees in this case. I hardly ever skip when there isn’t the 10sec rest interval, because there’s no time to stop to look at the list to see what the next move is. I did change a couple of the exercises in the set, because I was downstairs in the gym & wanted to take advantage of heavier weights being available. But I also unintentionally changed the order because I misread my list! I did that on the 1st round, decided to keep it that way & then color coded the exercises in 3 groups to make it easier not to miss anything.
  1. Clean & Press 40lbs
  2. Decline Pushups hands wide & elbows moving out to the side
  3. Double Squat Jump jump close & then wide, staying low, 10lbs
  4. Burpee
  5. Spiderman Plank feet elevated
  6. Frogger forward wide, jump back to narrow
  7. Switch Lunge 10lbs
  8. Surfer touching the floor in front
  9. Frog Hopper
  10. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right) 30lbs / 40lbs
  11. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
  12. Rotating Side Plank Crunch
  13. Deadlift 50lbs
  14. 1st round – Single Leg Frogger / 2nd round – Handstand
  15. Upright Row 24lbs 

Ab Fat Torcher: Interval Abs

  • 1 round @ (50/10) with skipping for a 20min set
  • When I do 50/10 intervals, the 10sec part is a rest, which leaves a couple seconds for list checking. Still, my cheap rope is such a pain in the ass I noticed today I was losing at least 3sec a skipping interval, in getting up to move to where the mat wasn’t & untangling the rope! I should change to 50/15 until-unless I get a better rope.
  1. Supergirl Heel Tap (R) Plank, reach forward with left arm & then back to tap R foot
  2. Supergirl Heel Tap (L)
  3. Reverse Curl 
  4. Rock the Boat
  5. Twisting Knee Drop Plank
  6. Temple Tap Abs
  7. Side Plank Leg Lift (R)
  8. Side Plank Leg Lift (L)
  9. Toe Tap Crunch Raised legs, knees bent. Crunch & then tap heels to floor
  10. Ab Wringer Like angel abs but moving knees in opp direction of hands


Just a quick one.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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