A little Bodyrock RTC #HIIT again

Day #11 – Real Time 30 Day Challenge + Ripped Body Burnout

  • Time 1:05
  • I lost a little time because my skipping rope broke again, and I had to stop & repair.


Oh it was glorious to have the Hotel gym all to myself today! I set up my iPhone as a personal hotspot & did this old workout (again) with the video. I’d thought I’d clicked on day 9 actually, which was the last one I detailed out. The first couple weeks of the RTC are so good I’ve been doing that, here and there.

Soon I won’t have workout privacy. Working out at home is even weirder when you’re not alone, and people pass by, observe and make comments. My parents used to do this when I was visiting in NH. (Now there’s only one parent and now I don’t visit. Not because of that, the gawking peanut gallery, of course.)

Did a very brief stretch after I put the weights away.

I really, really could use a daily yoga practice at this point, but I can’t seem to get myself on it.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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