Wasn’t into the #ashtanga #yoga today, but I still did it

I tried to just slam it out & I made good time but failed to generate much bodily excitement. That’s the weird difference between ashtanga and other exercise, like the HIIT I like to much, that makes it so much more variable in terms of output. It’s like there’s an emotional equation of excitement. It’s what makes engagement and performance so much better in even a very small class. And as one former yoga buddy of mine once said, All you need is two people. Having a friend come over for practice, if neither of you has a studio situation, can make a big difference: no assists but even the company is motivating.

HIIT is infinitely more predictable.

This is definitely a day where I could use another workout, but since I didn’t get to the yoga immediately I will not. I have other things I need to be doing. I spent some time this morning on Adobe Animate. Flash changed names and some functions halfway through my book! Adobe Media Encoder works a little differently now. I cannot find the F47 format option in the drop down menu, like I’m instructed to do. The menu is alphabetical & it isn’t there but I must’ve checked 20x. I also looked online but Animate is so new there’s no pertinent information.

Back to today’s yoga. I did the EPRK like I’ve been doing. I felt tighter today but it was ok. I skipped the 3 timed poses I’d been doing (rack, blocked & braced Urdhva D & rest) because I decided today I should do three ticks and I didn’t want to get lazy about it at the end. I fast forwarded.




Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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