One last #HIIT workout at The Hotel

Here’s a little pix memento

Based on the linked RTC below, my changes noted in blue.


Day #9 – Real Time 30 Day Challenge & Arms & Shoulders Shred

  • Skipping (30/10). I’d increase the working interval if I did this without the video & just the list. It’s kind of nice to pretend you’ve got a workout partner once in awhile though.

    1. plyo jump forward, push-up, tuck jump, jump up & change directions.
    2. opp shoulder, weighted squat, put it down, tuck jump, change sides. 20lbs
    3. Tricep Dips
    4. Lat Pulls, machine, overhead, 50lbs
    5. Lat Pulls, machine, overhead 60lbs
    6. Mat jumps
    7. Curtsy lunge & lower weights toward floor, press up, 30lbs
    8. Other side
    9. Sit down, roll back to floor, roll up & jump up 10lbs
    10. Reverse plank heel taps
    11. Other side
    12. Reverse curl
    13. Mountain climbers
    14. Lateral hops over Bosu 
    15. Russian kicks
    16. V-abs with 5-lbs bet feet
    17. Other side
    18. Competition burpees
    19. Lateral jumps with hook punch, 5-lbs
    20. Pike situp, 10-lbs
    21. Surfer burpee
    22. Around the world, 20lbs
    23. Wide leg squat & butt squeeze, 40lbs
    24. Jump squats
    25. Clean & press, 40lbs
    26. Single arm plank row, 20lbs Lisa does side plank but I’m using a heavier weight here
    27. Other side
    28. Frog hopper
    29. Wide push-up, pike push-up hopping back & forth rather than walking
    30. Burpee with tricep push-up
    31. Lat Pulls machine, horiz 70lbs

Just weights

  1. Shoulder press 30
  2. Bicep curls 30lbs
  3. Upright rows 30lbs
  4. Tricep kickbacks 20lbs
  5. Hammer curls 30lbs
  6. Lateral raise 20lbs
  7. 90 degree arms, elbows in, rotate out 20lbs
  8. Single arm shoulder press, 20lbs each hand
  9. Wide bicep 30lbs
  10. Around the world 20lbs
  11. One side & one front raise alt 20lbs
  12. Chest press (front raise & punch out & in then down – change to reg chest press next time)



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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