I periscoped a #yoga practice for the 1st time ever

1309 at The Ladd

My last workout / yoga in the one nice apartment I’ve had (yet). The dream is not dead. I hope I can be in another close-in apartment in the southeast PDX in a year. I’d say “under a year” but I just moved cross country eleven months ago, after having been in one East Village hovel for 22 years. Plus you may as well have a full experience everywhere you land.

So I had a nice, really tuned-in practice because it felt like someone might be watching. I wasn’t even sure if it was filming TBH. And I didn’t know to do an autosave to my camera roll. I’d like to edit out the scary bits, like when you see me close up after I’d just flipped the camera.

It’s kind of nice to get the full thing down. I’ll never be doing it here again.


It might take two trips in the van to get the rest of my stuff over to The Hill, but I’m pretty much ready. Gotta drop off my modem tomorrow me thinks. I will have to plan rides for some time! I haven’t had to do this since I was a teenager.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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