I pericoped again!

Was watching Kino do part of her Monday 3rd series this morning and realized that, except for my needing an assist to get feet to head in Gandha B, I had a totally bitching 3rd when I was still doing it, completely on par with hers. That felt good! My practice now isn’t anywhere what it was, but I gave up the addictive parts of it by choice, and of course the injury I received in October 2012, courtesy of that 2nd series workshop with Kino & Tim in South Beach, helped. It’s all ok though. I wanted to take a break from that scene, and not that I could remotely afford it now, I know that there are better ways to spend 3-grand! It was really expensive because in addition to the $900 for the workshop, there was the flight, the hostel and missing a week’s billing hours. Even just going to South Beach, practicing alone & staying in a nice hotel and eating nice meals would be way smarter.

So ya my practice has a lot of messiness and I unabashedly stand up from my drop backs in a ballet first position, but it’s fine. I’m not trying to sell myself OR them. Here’s the link to the Periscope if anyone’s interested. I can’t imagine anyone being interested! It’s just that, in doing it the one time before, I realized why maybe K does it. Of course with her yogalebrity fame she gets a shit ton of people watching and commenting… It’s almost like having a teacher or studio mates present. For me just the very fact that someone might watch even a couple minutes seems a bit motivating. I’m pretty isolated, on The Hill, and I never thought I’d be able to yoga in a probably 65-degree room either. The Hovel was abut 85 year round, but I even got a space heater for when I switched to 100% solo, for when I started a half hour or so before the first might blasts of heat kicked in.


My stats tally is a bit short because I didn’t remember to hit start until after the first Surya B. I’d been all flustered trying to figure out my tripod. I don’t know how to use the damned thing, especially after collapsing it fully to move. Now I can’t even get the damned arms to fold in. I gave up & came back upstairs.

Shower time & then some applications. Gotta return my Comcast modem today. We just missed them yesterday. Got there a half hour too late.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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