How do u burn 652 with a 75-min #primary #yoga?

Do a 20-minute, half skipping HIIT right before! I didn’t do the 2nd series back bending today, and I only did one tick. That’s because I’d promised myself primary only if I did some cardio first, and then at the end I thought I was running long. Nope!

I was Periscoping my workout but my iPhone shut off somewhere in the middle. I think it might’ve been when I got a call. I don’t want to get attached to the feeling of potential audience though… I had to sort of fight against a loss of energy when I realized my phone was off and no one could’ve seen my navasana to handstand.


Core and Arms Workout: Quick HIIT

  • I changed 4 out of 10 moves (blue exercises are my edits).
  • (50/10) with skipping for a 20min set
  1. Burpee
  2. Twisting V-Up Raising alt straight legs, twisting to tap w/ opp arm
  3. Sliders 
  4. Russian Twist 20lbs
  5. Superman  / Push-up Lift up to superman, place hands on ground & push up
  6. Oblique Crunches (R)
  7. Oblique Crunches (L)
  8. Frog Hopper
  9. Side Plank Hip Drop with Leg Lift (right)
  10. Side Plank Hip Drop with Leg Lift (left)


Starting 24min into workout time.

Now it’s shower, eat and draw.

View from the dining room



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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