Another #primary+ #yoga

I think tomorrow I’ll either do mainly HIIT or do maybe a 20min set and a cropped ashtanga routine, just to get a better workout.

Last time I did that I did just primary, but the back bending needs my tiny bit of 2nd and that one 3rd series backbend. If I don’t practice the EPRK and Kapo B regularly I’ll never be able to practice full 2nd again, and if I could it’d help the tedium. (The yoga helps the crazy of this latest transition and ongoing, unrelenting uncertainty and fear, so it’s in my best interests to try to make it as fun as possible, while completely in solitude.)

Maybe I’ll do just three Surya As, jump to the primary I do and the regular, personalized 2nd to back bending & close.

I mean look at that 106 average! A brisk walk even on a totally flat surface generates more tapas than that. It’d be interesting to know that the difference would be just being in a group. Emotional excitement can pick up the slack in yoga.

[RANDOM POINT OF COMPARISON] my heart rate was in the 120s all day, the day I was going to quit my job (like an asshole) last year, so I could move to PDX. It spiked up to the 130s and higher when I got up to do it. I bet I’d been in at least the 120 average range today if I’d been in a group, but I got into the tracking after I’d gotten out of the studio system, and now there is no way in hell. That’s a missing piece of my knowledge…

But there’s a way in/with HIIT.

I think the way that ashtanga can keep people fit & lean for a long time, when they’re in the learning & striving phase, before the injuries and plateaus set in, is the fact that practice is so long & is mostly in the lower, fat burning zone. Coupled with the fact that a vast majority diet and calorie restrict for the practice and there you go. Unfortunately, the flabbies generally kick in by middle age, unless offset by emaciated.


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