Extra hand-standy #primary+ round 2

Boy am I relieved once I get through the navasanas now! And I’m still using the wall. Once there’s no need to prove anything for self validation, the path of least resistance becomes ever so much more attractive…

I don’t want to do this particular mode on consecutive days, but I could already feel the difference between this 2nd time and the first time, two days ago. And I felt pretty limber because I’d done the fundamentals and a bit of 2nd (plus drop backs) after yesterday’s HIIT. I am liking this routine! One day do all ashtanga with all the extra strength work and the next do a 20-30min HIIT and abbreviated ashtanga, focusing more on back bends.

Kapo progress: I’ve been able to do the EPRK consistently, without the bad reaction. It’s tight, especially on the right side, and not what you’d call “comfortable” but it’s therapeutic. After that I do my Kapo hang. When I was getting the reaction I stopped the EPRK and stayed elevated for the hang. Lately I’ve been consistently putting my hands on the floor, walking in a little bit & trying (unsuccessfully I should say) to straighten my arms once situated & counting the breaths. I walked in ever so slightly further today. As it feels comfortable and not too stressful, I may try grabbing the heels… I think if I follow the new program pretty consistently, and do some back bending on my HIIT days, it’ll happen fairly soon.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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