In bed, with laptop #restdays

I did this often enough, in The Hotel, but when you live alone there’s no one to witness non events like that, except your cat, or social media if you feel like announcing it.

I worked out hard this past week though. Doing a lot of (even baby) ashtanga – after such a lot time of very, very sporadic – is challenging psychologically. And then my two days of HIIT & a tiny bit of second series were super intense. Lastly I hadn’t taken a rest day since last week.

So, when Sir Henry was waking me up for pets, cuddling & nose kissing the first time this morning, and my right wrist was aching, I decided that today will be a rest day, and I lingered in bed longer than usual. I’m going to have to return to stretching out the right wrist for a few moments before every practice / workout, if I’m going to be super hand-standy lady! It’s no biggie. It’s what I did before every practice when I was a devoted ashtangi, practicing full third series three times a week. You just make it hurt a little before you start and then it doesn’t throb, ache and otherwise tweak out on you later.

Yoga didn’t actually create the special needs of that wrist! Ashtanga is very injurious, especially anything past primary, but in this case, childhood and teenage injuries are to blame. And thankfully I don’t have an injury or tweak now. I just felt some soreness which is a warning I will heed.

You’re supposed to take at least one rest day per week anyway.

Just turned on Kino’s Periscope broadcast.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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