Long, slow, low heartrate #primary

Today I tried adding back in the four primary poses I normally skipped, and reconfirmed they do nothing for me, with the exception of a bit of hip & nice toe stretch on Janu Sirsa C. Plus my shoulders were still fatigued to start off with, from all the extra standing and (trying to) include extra work on the jump backs.

I only got it up in 2 out 5 navasana handstands for instance, but it was ok. If I ended up doing a sort of hip-raised jump back into catarunga, then I just did a vinyasa and came back for the next go.

Anyway I’ve reconfirmed that the tiny bit of the beginning of second I normally do is way more useful than that portion of primary. I’m leaving those poses off permanently.


Then I had two veggie burgers rather than the single burger and a half a plate of veggies and/or salad that I’d have normally had, in my entire previous adult life of living close to restaurants, supermarkets and delis. I’m still getting used to eating what’s available rather than what I might truly want at the moment. The only time that happens is if I’ve planned on cooking something specific and we’ve shopped for it or we go out for dinner.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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