I just feel better when I get my heart rate up • #HIIT and #asana #yoga

Wasn’t quite as high as a burn as last time I tried this new format, but I was Periscoping that time. Even a potential audience can have a similar effect to practice / workout companions or a teacher.

Any burn over 500 or so feels like I’ve done a good (significant) workout, and I’m not basing an emotional or ego reaction on the numbers. I’m saying that when I’ve gotten a good sweat going and worked to a certain level, I know my stats are going to be at a certain level when it’s done.


HIIT (50/10) 24-minute skipping set

  1. Elevated Push-ups
  2. Swings – 35lb kettle bell
  3. Wood Chops – 10lbs
  4. Other side
  5. Half Burpee, Upright Row – 20lbs
  6. Wide Squat – 40lbs
  7. Pike / V abs – 10lbs
  8. Rollback Jump Squats holding 10lbs, sit & go back to straight out – holding weight forward to help get onto feet, come forward to squat & jump up
  9. Supergirl Tricep Push-ups 
  10. Big Plyo Hop
  11. Side Plank Crunch touch knee with elbow – 5lbs
  12. Other side


Like last time, only adding the rack for 1min before the Kapo B hang & two twists before pashasana.

  • Latest style suryas & standing fundamentals (with 2pt weighted hanuman – 10 breaths this time)
  • Marichy C & D
  • Second to laghu vajra, then do the usual EPRK and Kapo B work
  • Drop backs – 5
  • Ticks – skipped for today because wasn’t sure when the door I was practicing next to was gonna open, also my right shoulder is just a bit strained & I could feel it the most yesterday in the ticks
  • Finishing
  • Savasana


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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