#HIIT and #asana

I needed to take a break from vinyasa anyway, because of the weak spot in my left tricep. That I was born with, but I first hurt it doing – you guessed it – ashtanga, back in the days that gyms had led primary. Actually I’d done my push-ups & abs routine twice over the weekend, with a day’s rest in between. That had 90 push-ups in it, varying formats. Then I took a led primary on Monday night & whammy. For nearly an entire year I had a purple, yellow knot of a hard bruise back there. I was only practicing led twice a week. It’d heal a bit; I’d tear it up again. When I took a six month break from ashtanga to do a TT it finally healed.

So all the hand standing I do during my current “primary+” practice can aggravate it, but that’s the only way I can generate the heart rate & internal excitement necessary to both get a good workout and enjoy myself. (Even if I could get to a group, I couldn’t afford it…)

The main reason I’d like to be able to practice Kapo again is that being able to do a full Second would give me more variety & fun in ashtanga. I love Second. I actually treated myself to a kinesiology mp4 today, which is supposed to help me with this pose in a safe way. I haven’t watched it yet. I’ll report back.


30 Day Challenge: Day 6

  • 1st round (50/10) with skipping for a 30-min set
  • 2nd round (50/10), just the #d exercises for a 15-min set
  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Romanian Deadlift 40lbs
  3. Supergirl Push-up
  4. Split Squat (right) back leg elevated, 20lbs
  5. Split Squat (left)
  6. Russian Kicks
  7. Lunge Kick (right) 20lbs
  8. Lunge Kick (left)
  9. Spiderman Plank feet elevated
  10. Sumo Squat 20lbs, lifting opp knee
  11. Frogger, wide & narrow
  12. Curtsy Lunge (right) 20lbs, move weight down to outside front leg in a bicep curl
  13. Curtsy Lunge (left)
  14. Pike Abs, Reverse Curl
  15. High Knee Twist 20lbs, twisting side to side / Sliders on 2nd round

Love Handle Loser

  • 1 round through with video
  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Double Abs
  3. High Knees
  4. Double side plank (right)
  5. Double side plank (left)
  6. Monkey Jumps
  7. Tricep leg lifts
  8. Sumo Squats
  9. Low Ab Hold
  10. Sitting Ab Lift 
  11. Bridge Squeeze
  12. Burpee


About 20-min easy, timed poses, no vinyasa.

I did another #ashtanga #primary+ !


Turns out I couldn’t easily get into a kapotasana. I’d have to really try and repeatedly. Today I only made a half serious effort with one hand and realized a real “go” would be more effort than I was prepared to make, but I still had a really good practice. Lately, if my schedule allows, I like to have a light breakfast and get some work done & then get on the mat. It’s such a treat to be able to do that!

I wrote another design services ad & posted it on Craig’s List. I sent my sixteen illustration comps over to the first, frankly awesome client I found that way, and I came in a day early. This is thanks to working all Easter weekend, and I’m glad I did. Today it was time to reach out to more potential clients.

And it’s a gorgeous day, much nicer than it was over the weekend, so I’m going to get out there with Sir Henry shortly.


#HIIT & #asana #yoga

I really didn’t want to do any HIIT, but while yesterday the sun was coming in the window & my yoga space was really warm, today it was really cold. One thing I miss about NYC – besides the non 1950s level salaries and availability of living wage design jobs – is the interior heating. Every place was piped with heat, homes and offices, so you just needed a really warm coat for outdoors and the rest of the time you could dress for 75 degrees minimum weather. It’s funny but I went through a phase a year or so before deciding to move that was inexplicable at the time, buying sweaters, when I generally didn’t wear anything more than a 3/4 sleeve in a fairly light weight fabric. They were too new to toss before moving to the west coast and boy have they come in handy. In the morning, I wear my old, frazzled, previously outdoor hoodie in the morning, often accessorized with a scarf!

I’ve gotta say, too, that Betty sent me a great Xmas box. The thick, fleece sweats are a staple. Sometimes I don’t even change into regular clothes! #hermetic This is especially likely if I don’t work out. I needed to today though. Tomorrow my workout will be in the realm of psychological endurance, standing on my feet for 8+ hours and maintaining a relentless perky facade. Tomorrow will be the longest shift yet & I’m not at all certain of my ability to keep the cracks from showing.

So I did a short HIIT to warm up. My burn was still a bit less than yesterday, but the workout was a little shorter too.


Quick Sweat: 20 Minute Workout

  • (50/10) with skipping for a 20min set
  1. Low Jack Tap Start with fingertips touching the floor in front of you
  2. Down Dog Climber Start in down dog. Lift 1 leg up high, bring forward to touch arm & back up. Alt legs.
  3. Squat Jump
  4. Side Plank Leg Lift (right) On hand.
  5. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
  6. Hip Thrust (right) Table-top position, on heel of supporting leg. The other extends out. Bring up to ceiling & then back down, not touching hips down.
  7. Hip Thrust (left)
  8. Scissor Bicycle Keeping legs straight & scissoring.
  9. Kicking Warrior (right) Kick leg forward, then bend forward & kick backward.
  10. Kicking Warrior (left)


Standing fundamentals extra hand standy. Small bit of 2nd. I’ve added half handstands to the jump back into the Surya Bs, though my closing handstands have gotten really tenuous. Took me so long to stick just one, middle of the room, for a tick that I didn’t do two more.

My back is feeling good. I was thinking, in my Kapo B, that I could probably attempt a heel grab, but I decided against it. I did try to use the futon in the living room for supta vajrasana. I always used my bed frame for that, in the hovel, but there’s nothing here that works, including the futon. Too light. There’s a great cross-beam that runs lengthwise under the dining room table, which is in my practice space, but I’d totally hit my head on the table. It’s like 6″ too low for that purpose.

Thank ye Gods, I had an excellent #ashtanga #yoga practice today

Since I wasn’t sure what to do I consulted the online, magic coin – yoga or HIIT? I was kind of relieved it picked yoga. When I really need the psychological whammy-jammy, a thorough ashtanga practice is the ticket. I’ve been under some stress lately!

I won’t blather on much because I need to get a snack & get back to work. Finished the preliminary pencil composition work for Abundantia this morning & next it’ll be onto Athena. Then just two more after that. I’m glad I got the catalog laid out & mostly done yesterday. I set it up so it’ll be easy for the client to compare her original notes with each drawing & have room to jot notes, in a very organized fashion.

I will say that Henry seems much improved today, to my immense relief.


#HIIT > #AMrep, in my opinion

Despite the fact that my feet still hurt from yesterday’s shift.


Adapted from:

7×7 HIIT + Strength Fat Burning Circuit!

  • time = 43:00

I made everything (50/10). I’m not at all interested in AMrep style workouts, where you have a specific amount of time & try to do as many complete rounds of something as you can, to keep track for later. I’m already fit and I’ve got a decades long dedication to the discipline of regular exercise. I don’t need to compete with anyone, not even myself! I much prefer 1) deciding what I’m going to do; 2) doing it; 3) noting the effects.

Christine also did counted reps sections. I made those intervals as well, and then decided to pop intervals of skipping before six of the last seven moves, at the end of the routine, which is the opposite of how I’d normally do it. Mixing things up is GOOD though, especially after the laser focus of all those years in ashtanga.

I thought twice about the skipping. My feet are still sore from being on them six+ hours at work yesterday. Even in Danskos! I miss being able to take my shoes off when my feet get hot too, which is a benefit of a desk, design job.

I separated the whole thing into two sections, so I could take just one break longer than 10 seconds. In the video clip there’s a little pause between each of the segments of 7.

  1. skaters
  2. 1/2 burpee, jump fwd, jump back
  3. SL deadlift hop R
  4. SL deadlift hop L
  5. 2 toe touch jacks, 2 star jumps
  6. 1/2 burpee, jump fwd, jump back
  7. skaters
  8. Goblet squat, 30lbs
  9. Weighted step up, 10lbs
  10. Push-ups
  11. Tricep dips
  12. Bent over rows, 40lb
  13. Around the world, 20lbs
  14. Prisoner squat jumping jack arms bent at 90 degrees, jump out & in & touch opp elbow to knee
  15. Hop over weight 
  16. KB swings, 35lbs
  17. Switch lunges
  18. Hop over weight 
  19. Knee in & switch lunge
  20. Squat, 40lbs
  1. Pike pushups
  2. Lateral lifts 20lbs
  3. bicep curl, front raise, bicep curl, lateral raise, 26lbs
  4. Deadlifts, 40lbs
  5. Sumo squats, 40lbs
  6. Step-ups, alt, 20lbs
  7. Narrow squats, 40lbs
  8. skip
  9. Alt pistol squats
  10. skip
  11. Tuck abs
  12. skip
  13. Mountain climber
  14. skip
  15. russian twists 10lbs
  16. skip
  17. Sliders
  18. skip
  19. Straight abs
  20. Frog hopper

 Depressed, dispirited Asana

Try as I might, getting up into the dizzy zone in the HIIT, I could not shake what was on my troubled mind. I’d actually intended to do some second, but I didn’t have the mental focus or force of will for that, even just those few poses I do.

Still I feel marginally better for having exercised. I must try to focus on the good, which is that there’s some sun out & I get to draw today. I’m going to do one more second pass on one more goddess after my shower.

Last night I dreamt of a beautiful, purple cat

His fur ranged from a beautiful, dark & saturated, blue-ish purple to an even darker, more burgundy color on his paws. There were also some darker stripes on his face, which was a bit Egyptian, sphinx like in shape and ear size.

He was beautiful and affectionate and I felt instantly he was mine. I can only remember him laying down, my petting him, and later talking about how gorgeous he was. This was a middle of the night dream. I woke up after and asked myself to remember. I’ve been up for three and a half hours and I just did.

Violet: Color meanings of violet dreams indicate divinity, peace, tranquility and enlightenment. I hesitate to even use that word “enlightenment” because it’s tossed around so haphazardly. We’re talking about a devout presence of knowingness in violet hued dreams. It’s as if higher wisdom is a personality of its own, and it presence is standing within your body – thinking – knowing – watching – independently yet separately. It’s a sensational experience, and violet dreams are a glimpse inside that kind of awareness-phenomenon. Violet is about blossoming and opening up to new, unconventional experiences. It’s chakra is the crown, and is depicted as a thousand-petal lotus unfurling its luscious body to drink in all the sensations available to it. And, the key is everything is available for the lotus sensory organ to devour. Violet dreams mark the union of the soul with body, mind and divine consciousness. With this kind of conjugation comes bliss, satisfaction, and rest. These are fleeting moments…swim in them loosely for as long as you can. The more we swim in violet energies, the more we’ll experience this lucid presence of knowing. So, if you have violet dreams, appreciate every square inch of them, because they are a real gift from the divine source. . Violet color meanings in dreams ask us:

  • How can I become more fully aware of the watcher within?
  • How can I experience life more fully?
  • What is my highest intent for life, and are my actions aligned with that intent?
  • Is peace a state of mind? State of being? What are my beliefs about peace?
  • Do I have to earn contentment and tranquility?
  • What is my relationship with this present moment – this now?

I’m taking a rest day today. I could’ve exercised, because I’m getting a ride downtown later, but I decided to skip it. I’m distressingly not at ALL obsessive these days!