PMS #primary+

I should’ve taken a rest today, maybe, as I hadn’t yet this week, but I spent four hours doing some reference hunting and sorting and I felt like I needed a stretch.

The shoulders had mostly recovered from the over-vinyasa-ing, but I did some weights yesterday & I was weak. Only got one of my navasana handstands up!

I’m not going to keep at the “trying to lift hips to half way to handstand in jump backs” thing going. It doesn’t keep my heart rate up that much, generally speaking, and it just overworks one area. I omitted that intention from today’s practice, keeping the added handstands. Skipped the ticks though, just for today.

My favorite thing lately is the 20-30min HIIT and then about an hour of highly customized ashtanga. I’ll do that more often because it’s more fun and much better of a workout. Plus my neck and back are nicely open on the forward bends again. It’s time to work the backbends just a little more to maintain balance.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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