A 640 burn in 90min with 9.5 poses of #secondseries? I’m an #ashtanga #genius!

How’d I do it? A 30-min skipping HIIT before hand to start, of course, lots of handstands, my drop backs & ticks…


30-min #HIIT & #asana #yoga

No Equipment: Full Body Workout

  • (50/10) with skipping for 30-min HIIT
  1. Squat Jump
  2. Hip Press-Right Did these with straight legs. I’ll change to a glute-bridge tap if I repeat this set.
  3. Hip Press-Left
  4. Surrender Squat Slow Ninja
  5. Warrior III-Right Keeping arms straight & extended & back leg too. Hinging at hips go into warrior & then come up tapping back toes
  6. Warrior III-Left
  7. Double-Tap Surfer 1/2 Burpee
  8. Supergirl no push-up
  9. Marching Glute Bridge Pull knee in. Set foot back down & squeeze glutes to raise hips, alt.
  10. Side Plank-Right With leg lift.
  11. Side Plank-Left
  12. Forward/Backward Lunge Hop-Right Do 1-leg hop in the middle, trying not to put foot down.
  13. Forward/Backward Lunge Hop-Left
  14. Plie Pulse with Heel Lift Lifting heels every 3rd pulse
  15. Burpees


  • Handstanding-back bending Surya As to end of fundamentals
  • My usual 2nd series poses, with EPRK and a Kapo B
  • Drop backs & ticks – 3 each
  • Finishing

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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