#HIIT & #asana #yoga (tiny bit of #second)


24min core HIIT

Because I wanted to give the lower body a bit of a break.

  • (50/10) skipping
  • 1-6: BodyRock FBC day 3, abs & skipping
  • 7-12: my own, random choices for core
  1. Cross Foot Touch, on back, 5lbs in each hand, legs straight & feet off floor
  2. Suitcase Crunch, crunch & tap on bench
  3. Bike legs low, straight, extended & off floor
  4. C-Sit Tuck & Press 10lbs in each hand
  5. Knees Toes Legs up in air, crunch elbows to knees and then reach hands to feet
  6. Flutter kicks, on bench, shoulders off floor
  7. Temple Tap Abs
  8. Oblique V abs, 3lbs bet feet
  9. Other Side
  10. Knee In & Opp, elevated feet, pull knee in to touch arm same & then opp side, alt
  11. Reverse Plank Tap bring opp leg up & tap out to side, alt
  12. Sliders


My bit of 2nd. I’d like to work on it a little more… If I could bring myself to repeat the Kapo B that’d be a start. I was checking out the dining room table situation to see if I could use that for a brace for supta vajrasana. I used to always use my bed, in the hovel. Any hotel I stayed always had something I could use. The dining room table has this heavy cross-beam running under the middle of it, at about the right height from the floor, but I’d totally whack my face on the edge of the table coming up. I’d need like 6″ more space. Oh wells. I could teach Charlie how to assist me when he’s around while I’m practicing, maybe, though today that was not the case. And anyway, three Kapo Bs would be the thing to do first. Perhaps I can interest myself in attempting to grab my feet during the 3rd go.

It’d be nice to do the twists, the pinca m… I’ve been thinking it might be nice to do a version of the pinca m in a hollow-back at the wall… But if I want to script another variation of my routine with more asana, I’ll need to cut down on the HIIT. Perhaps I’ll try a routine with just “my” 10min skipping warm-up (the Bender routine I like).

Time to shower, eat and get to my illustration work!



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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