Last minute, mild #HIIT and #asana #yoga

I wasn’t going to work out today. My knees were a little sore, nothing major, but… Then I looked back on my week and discovered I’d already taken two rest days, so I went downstairs to get it done.


Body Weight Workout

  • 1st round (50/10) with skipping for a 38-min set
  • 2nd round no cardio for an 18-min set
  1. Spiderman Plank-Right Lift leg straight out to the back after touching elbow. Move quickly.
  2. Spiderman Plank-Left
  3. Warrior III Squat-Right Squat to warrior 3.
  4. Warrior III Squat-Left
  5. Reverse Curl With 3lb weight bet feet.
  6. Leg Series-Right Bridge, Straight leg, tap to floor then lift to point at ceiling & press up.
  7. Leg Series-Left
  8. Leg Lift In C-sit on bench, straight legs. Try to pull in close to abs on the lift.
  9. V-Lift 1st roundStraight Abs 2nd round
  10. Rest
  11. Butt Lift 
  12. Butt V-Lift
  13. Plie Jumps / Pulse 2nd round
  14. Squatting Side Leg Lift-Right
  15. Squatting Side Leg Lift-Left
  16. Wall Sit Leg Lift-Right
  17. Wall Sit Leg Lift-Left
  18. Side Plank Drop-Right
  19. Side Plank Drop-Left


Timed poses, no vinyasa


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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