I am truly amazing #skipping #jumprope #reps

If you read the Batcave you’ll know why I say this!

Moved my drawing session to tomorrow in favor of lounging with Sir Henry on the couches all morning, but I got my workout in & it was a damned good one. I feel much better. (Right knee feels/felt just fine, as well.)


Full Body Bender: Home Workout

  • 1min skipping before every move
  • 20 reps on #d exercises
  • Time = 38:15
  1. Supergirl Push Ups Lift arm & opp leg but don’t crunch in. Each side = 1rep
  2. Lunge Hop (right) Lunge backward, then come up lifting knee & hop, holding 10lbs
  3. Lunge Hop (left)
  4. Scissor Touch Abs 5lbs in each hand, reach toward opp foot
  5. Prone Heel Press Lie on belly, bend legs & touch heels together. Press up toward ceiling on bench
  6. Boat Tap C-sit, legs & arms straight. Lowering lumbar spine to floor between foot taps – for more work
  7. Bird Dog (right) Left leg is bent & on knee. Extend right leg straight out & push toward the back wall, tightening glutes. Bring in to chest & tap knee. (Arm is extending when leg is out) with ankle weight
  8. Bird Dog (left)
  9. Single Leg Hip Thrust (right) Table, right leg extended out straight. Tap butt to floor & then come back up.
  10. Single Leg Hip Thrust (left)
  11. Bent Over Row 40lbs
  12. Good Mornings 40lbs Weights on shoulders. Bend forward to right angle & then come back up.

Low Impact Lower Body Workout

  • 1min skipping before every move
  • 20 reps on #d exercises
  • time = 30:01
  1. Standing Kick Back (right) holding wall
  2. Standing Kick back (left)
  3. Heel Taps (right) lying on back
  4. Heel Taps (left)
  5. Plank Leg Lift (right) Straight up for 10 & across for 10
  6. Plank Leg Lift (left)
  7. Chair Heel Pulse on toes
  8. Push-up Squat Reach Utkatasana, jump back to wide arm push-up & jump forward
  9.  Cross Leg Hip Thrust (right) Table, cross leg over the other, press up, lift leg out to the side & return
  10. Cross Leg Hip Thrust (left)


About 20min easy stretching


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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