Gotta be careful with that kapo B #HIIT #ashtanga


Abs & Arms Workout

  • (50/10) with skipping for a 30min set
  • 32min = 280 burn
  1. Spiderman Pushup
  2. Crunches Legs up
  3. Superman
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. Side Plank Leg Lift (right) forearm
  6. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
  7. Rotating Pushup
  8. Reverse Curl 3lb weight, crunch & then tap feet
  9. Heel Press Plank (right) Forearm plank, bend leg & press foot to ceiling
  10. Heel Press Plank (left)
  11. Angel Abs
  12. Frogger straight in alt with wide
  13. Superman Pushup
  14. Cheek to Cheek Plank
  15. Pushup Jacks Push-up when feet are jumped out


About 60min. Suryas, standing, tiny bit of 2nd, back bending & finishing.

The Reaction: Did 5 drop backs & I wasn’t going to do the ticks anyway. With all the hand standing I currently do as a part of any ashtanga practice & the push-up heavy HIIT before hand, I figured I’d worked my upper body hard enough for one day. But when I sat down for paschimo I knew it would’ve been a really bad idea anyway, because I’d gotten “The Reaction” today, meaning I’d gone a bit too far in my Kapo B.

In that case it takes 10-20 breaths to get fully into the paschimo & I cut out most to all of any finishing vinyasa. For instance, instead of chakorasana, I get into a halasana and then push off gently to turn myself over. I don’t jump back after utplutihi. Normally I swing into a lotus jump back. Today I just sat myself down and laid down for savasana.

Tomorrow will be a no jumping / skipping day. I’ll be cautious with the back bending. I suppose it’s a good thing I didn’t notice I was in reaction mode during the drop backs. If it’s really bad, I’ll feel it then.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

5 thoughts on “Gotta be careful with that kapo B #HIIT #ashtanga”

  1. Is this the same back issue that started after going to Miami? Do you think after long term ashtanga or maybe even just yoga w/ intense backbends, that the back comes unglued? It just seems like I’ve read so much about this lately–and it’s mostly long-term folks–over 5-10 years–that mention it. Just wondering. I have an injury right now–not quite the back–seems like more of a hip/high hamstring thing–and it’s so hard to tell whether it’s the yoga or the running that’s irritating it. I’ve stopped the running for the most part, but it continues. Primary helps it, but second really makes it worse. This is the opposite of what usually happens for me with a back issue. Anyway–it’s certainly good to do ashtanga when it comes to my mind–and it helps flexibility–but sometimes I worry that it’s harmful for other parts of the body. It’s hard to navigate–and there are not that many long term ashtangis who are not teachers. Teachers probably have to keep the injury thing more quiet b/c their livelihood is tangled up with it.


    1. Yes! This is the injury that happened because of that cursed Miami workshop.

      No one can charge $900 for six days of just Mysore practice. I still maintain that I’d probably have been fine with just 90-min to 2 hours regular practice every day, but because the experience was sold as a 2nd series intensive, we met up in the afternoon and cranked each other for hours. There were a lot of strange hands on me. It was hot & humid there & I had a lot of excitement, since I was used to practicing entirely alone.

      It was too much cranking!!! And this is what these certified, traveling teachers DO…. They sell workshops.

      I had never, ever had a reaction to back bending like that before, and it seems pretty permanent. Happened in the fall of 2012.

      I’d wanted to get Kapo back to regular, so that I could do full 2nd once in awhile, but I doubt it’s going to happen. Thankfully I’m not paying into the studio system anymore. Ten years ago when I was spending $240 a month for a membership and hadn’t discovered free HIIT, getting my endorphins via the yoga was the only thing I knew, so I’d push even when it was bad for my body. Plus I was still in the validation via poses mindset of Ashtanga, and was afraid of “losing” abilities. At least now if I go too far I can leave it alone.

      Obviously I am still waffling to some degree though, as the one thing that activates The Reaction is putting my hands on the floor for a Kapo B and walking in… I get a good stretch through my chest when I straighten my arms (to the extent it’s possible). I know for SURE that bending the elbows to lower them to the floor is not a good idea. Sometimes the Kapo B gives me The Reaction and sometimes it doesn’t.

      We’ll see if I’m still trying it, occasionally, a year from now. Not sure.

      “Teachers probably have to keep the injury thing more quiet b/c their livelihood is tangled up with it.” – yes, very few teachers over age 40 practice according to the prescribed schedule. Those chronic injuries have a way of derailing that. And also, many of them never incorporate alternate exercise because that’s against the doctrine, so if their practice becomes basic they lose that Instagram muscularity / visible fitness…


    2. I never really answered your question. I think it’s the addictive aspects of the practice that cause the joint injuries with long-term ashtanga, yes. It’s the fact that people get used to practicing through pain. It’s the cultish believe that doing so has magical effects. It’s the addiction to pose ability as validation and the correlating fear of losing abilities.


    1. Oh well… I’m not attached to yoga as personal validation anymore, so as long as it doesn’t announce itself outside of yoga practice I don’t care that much. I guess I’ve got larger problems! lol. Right now I’m looking closely & cautiously at my urge to work on Kapo again. I’m wary of trying too hard! I don’t want to get sucked into that mindset again. It’s so pointless.


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