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A workout that’s more of an equal mix of HIIT & toning feels like less of a strain than more pure HIIT (physical strain of all time in the fitness zone & minimal time in the fat burning zone) or pure ashtanga (the psychological weight of the sheer numbers in the pose tally).

Lately I like doing 1-min skipping intervals interspersed with reps. If I’m not limited to 10-second breaks I don’t have to hurry either! I can take water & towel breaks & jot down notes: changes, comments on the routine. My heart rate stays well in the fitness range.

I decided I’d worked hard enough for the day after the first, modified Bender set, and then I’d gotten out my ankle weights anyway for #s 2&3, the single leg hip extension. Decided to cease the cardio & instead do some outer & inner thighs & some abs before my stretch.

Notes on the stretching / yoga:

  • I’m starting to practice eka pada sirsasana again lately, in my timed, no vinyasa practice. I’ve long included all of the LBH of 2nd besides that in my primary+. EPS was my least favorite, but lately it feels useful. I don’t do 1-min on each of the two parts though. That’d be too much work for my neck. I stay up 40-sec and then put my chest on my extended leg.
  • I really like using the wall for ustrasana and urdhva d in this kind of practice. I just did a minute in each of these.
  • I need more ustrasana like the world needs more cowbell. I’m going to add the 1 arm extended variation to my next yoga practice, me thinks.
  • I don’t think I did a totally bad thing in accidentally activating The Reaction recently. It feels like I loosened something up in my wonky right thoracic. I have my own variation of parighasana that I did today as my last pose. I feel like I’m getting in there, in a therapeutic way.


Metabolism Wake Up Call

  • 20 reps of all but #7
  • 1-min skipping
  • time = 42:08
  1. Step-ups alt sides, 10lbs
  2. Single Leg Hip Extension (right) On back, extend left leg. Lift hips up high & tap back down, keeping leg extending out straight the entire time. With ankle weights.
  3. Single Leg Hip Extension (left)
  4. Switch Lunge
  5. Single Leg Arm Reach (right) Like warrior 3. Come forward & touch floor w/ fingertips of opp hand. Mistakenly did these from a lunge for the 1st 10 & then coming from the crouch on the floor to warrior 3 (harder) for last 10
  6. Single Leg Arm Reach (left)
  7. Mountain Climber 1-min
  8. Goblet Squat 30lbs, done as 2 sets of 10 really slow, with full pause & relax at the bottom of full range of motion
  9. Frog Pushup Frog jump is wide. Alt with push-up
  10. Reverse Curl w/ Hip Twist Alt sides
  11. V-abs   3lb bet feet
  12. V-abs (left) 3lb bet feet

Ad-Lib Toning

  • About 20-min
  • 20 reps all
  1. Outer thigh straight out
  2. Inner thigh
  3. Straight Abs
  4. Outer thigh
  5. Inner thigh
  6. Outer thigh 2 Knee in & forward & then extend leg out straight, back, at an angle
  7. Inner thigh 2
  8. Straight Abs
  9. Outer thigh 2
  10. Inner thigh 2
  11. Inner thigh 3 Bottom leg bent in half, top leg out straight in front
  12. Inner thigh 2 (right)
  13. Inner thigh 3
  14. Inner thigh 2 (left)


About 25-min

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Artist, Designer

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