#HIIT > #AMrep, in my opinion

Despite the fact that my feet still hurt from yesterday’s shift.


Adapted from:

7×7 HIIT + Strength Fat Burning Circuit!

  • time = 43:00

I made everything (50/10). I’m not at all interested in AMrep style workouts, where you have a specific amount of time & try to do as many complete rounds of something as you can, to keep track for later. I’m already fit and I’ve got a decades long dedication to the discipline of regular exercise. I don’t need to compete with anyone, not even myself! I much prefer 1) deciding what I’m going to do; 2) doing it; 3) noting the effects.

Christine also did counted reps sections. I made those intervals as well, and then decided to pop intervals of skipping before six of the last seven moves, at the end of the routine, which is the opposite of how I’d normally do it. Mixing things up is GOOD though, especially after the laser focus of all those years in ashtanga.

I thought twice about the skipping. My feet are still sore from being on them six+ hours at work yesterday. Even in Danskos! I miss being able to take my shoes off when my feet get hot too, which is a benefit of a desk, design job.

I separated the whole thing into two sections, so I could take just one break longer than 10 seconds. In the video clip there’s a little pause between each of the segments of 7.

  1. skaters
  2. 1/2 burpee, jump fwd, jump back
  3. SL deadlift hop R
  4. SL deadlift hop L
  5. 2 toe touch jacks, 2 star jumps
  6. 1/2 burpee, jump fwd, jump back
  7. skaters
  8. Goblet squat, 30lbs
  9. Weighted step up, 10lbs
  10. Push-ups
  11. Tricep dips
  12. Bent over rows, 40lb
  13. Around the world, 20lbs
  14. Prisoner squat jumping jack arms bent at 90 degrees, jump out & in & touch opp elbow to knee
  15. Hop over weight 
  16. KB swings, 35lbs
  17. Switch lunges
  18. Hop over weight 
  19. Knee in & switch lunge
  20. Squat, 40lbs
  1. Pike pushups
  2. Lateral lifts 20lbs
  3. bicep curl, front raise, bicep curl, lateral raise, 26lbs
  4. Deadlifts, 40lbs
  5. Sumo squats, 40lbs
  6. Step-ups, alt, 20lbs
  7. Narrow squats, 40lbs
  8. skip
  9. Alt pistol squats
  10. skip
  11. Tuck abs
  12. skip
  13. Mountain climber
  14. skip
  15. russian twists 10lbs
  16. skip
  17. Sliders
  18. skip
  19. Straight abs
  20. Frog hopper

 Depressed, dispirited Asana

Try as I might, getting up into the dizzy zone in the HIIT, I could not shake what was on my troubled mind. I’d actually intended to do some second, but I didn’t have the mental focus or force of will for that, even just those few poses I do.

Still I feel marginally better for having exercised. I must try to focus on the good, which is that there’s some sun out & I get to draw today. I’m going to do one more second pass on one more goddess after my shower.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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