Thank ye Gods, I had an excellent #ashtanga #yoga practice today

Since I wasn’t sure what to do I consulted the online, magic coin – yoga or HIIT? I was kind of relieved it picked yoga. When I really need the psychological whammy-jammy, a thorough ashtanga practice is the ticket. I’ve been under some stress lately!

I won’t blather on much because I need to get a snack & get back to work. Finished the preliminary pencil composition work for Abundantia this morning & next it’ll be onto Athena. Then just two more after that. I’m glad I got the catalog laid out & mostly done yesterday. I set it up so it’ll be easy for the client to compare her original notes with each drawing & have room to jot notes, in a very organized fashion.

I will say that Henry seems much improved today, to my immense relief.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “Thank ye Gods, I had an excellent #ashtanga #yoga practice today”

    1. Thank you! Normally yoga alone is much less than that for me, but I practiced later in the day, when my heart rate is higher. Plus I had some residual stress to burn off. Felt really good 🙂

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