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I really didn’t want to do any HIIT, but while yesterday the sun was coming in the window & my yoga space was really warm, today it was really cold. One thing I miss about NYC – besides the non 1950s level salaries and availability of living wage design jobs – is the interior heating. Every place was piped with heat, homes and offices, so you just needed a really warm coat for outdoors and the rest of the time you could dress for 75 degrees minimum weather. It’s funny but I went through a phase a year or so before deciding to move that was inexplicable at the time, buying sweaters, when I generally didn’t wear anything more than a 3/4 sleeve in a fairly light weight fabric. They were too new to toss before moving to the west coast and boy have they come in handy. In the morning, I wear my old, frazzled, previously outdoor hoodie in the morning, often accessorized with a scarf!

I’ve gotta say, too, that Betty sent me a great Xmas box. The thick, fleece sweats are a staple. Sometimes I don’t even change into regular clothes! #hermetic This is especially likely if I don’t work out. I needed to today though. Tomorrow my workout will be in the realm of psychological endurance, standing on my feet for 8+ hours and maintaining a relentless perky facade. Tomorrow will be the longest shift yet & I’m not at all certain of my ability to keep the cracks from showing.

So I did a short HIIT to warm up. My burn was still a bit less than yesterday, but the workout was a little shorter too.


Quick Sweat: 20 Minute Workout

  • (50/10) with skipping for a 20min set
  1. Low Jack Tap Start with fingertips touching the floor in front of you
  2. Down Dog Climber Start in down dog. Lift 1 leg up high, bring forward to touch arm & back up. Alt legs.
  3. Squat Jump
  4. Side Plank Leg Lift (right) On hand.
  5. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
  6. Hip Thrust (right) Table-top position, on heel of supporting leg. The other extends out. Bring up to ceiling & then back down, not touching hips down.
  7. Hip Thrust (left)
  8. Scissor Bicycle Keeping legs straight & scissoring.
  9. Kicking Warrior (right) Kick leg forward, then bend forward & kick backward.
  10. Kicking Warrior (left)


Standing fundamentals extra hand standy. Small bit of 2nd. I’ve added half handstands to the jump back into the Surya Bs, though my closing handstands have gotten really tenuous. Took me so long to stick just one, middle of the room, for a tick that I didn’t do two more.

My back is feeling good. I was thinking, in my Kapo B, that I could probably attempt a heel grab, but I decided against it. I did try to use the futon in the living room for supta vajrasana. I always used my bed frame for that, in the hovel, but there’s nothing here that works, including the futon. Too light. There’s a great cross-beam that runs lengthwise under the dining room table, which is in my practice space, but I’d totally hit my head on the table. It’s like 6″ too low for that purpose.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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