I did another #ashtanga #primary+ !


Turns out I couldn’t easily get into a kapotasana. I’d have to really try and repeatedly. Today I only made a half serious effort with one hand and realized a real “go” would be more effort than I was prepared to make, but I still had a really good practice. Lately, if my schedule allows, I like to have a light breakfast and get some work done & then get on the mat. It’s such a treat to be able to do that!

I wrote another design services ad & posted it on Craig’s List. I sent my sixteen illustration comps over to the first, frankly awesome client I found that way, and I came in a day early. This is thanks to working all Easter weekend, and I’m glad I did. Today it was time to reach out to more potential clients.

And it’s a gorgeous day, much nicer than it was over the weekend, so I’m going to get out there with Sir Henry shortly.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “I did another #ashtanga #primary+ !”

  1. Wow–you are such a good combination of strength and flexibility. I am not nearly so flexible or strong, and I know if I did the kind of upper body/strength work you do, I’d be a wreck for any of the poses. I don’t know how you do it, but you must have a completely well-balanced system. I am totally impressed.

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    1. Why thank you! You know, I never used to be able to move back & forth between other workouts & ashtanga, but since I’ve only been pushing my body as far as it wants to go, it’s willing to do quite a lot for me. I guess I’ve learned how to listen.

      I still have imbalance in the thoracic but it’s ok as long as I don’t push it too far. Or when I occasionally cross the line a bit, I know to back off for a bit.


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