Amazingly, I just had an excellent #ashtanga #yoga practice

I surprise myself constantly. I’m like a superhero in a questionable kind of resilience, but I’m not knocking it. As one of my Brit friends said during Goa #1, in tones of appalled admiration, I get away with murder.

I was kind of weak in the upper body. Must’ve been Monday’s lengthy workout. But I felt otherwise great. See? Amazing. Ridiculous. I added a couple Kinesiology things into the teeny-tiny bit of Second series that I do and filmed it. I just want to see where I am later. (Too busy to take the time to look now.) Probably the one most useful thing I could do would be to repeat the Kapo B two or three times. I’ve thought this many times but have yet to implement.

Still, I did all three ticks. I had a good time. I feel like I got a mind-body tuneup and that’s the most important thing.


It took just a couple extra minutes to set up the camera for the part I filmed. I wasn’t sure I was gonna do that. However I’ve given myself “permission” to use two hours if I want. I may not be rich in tangible assets, but I’ve got the majority of my time under my control.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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