Pets & peanut butter #funny

Working on Moo cards. Decided to take a break & went downstairs to make peanut butter toast. Finished up a tub of the peanut butter. As I was munching at the counter, Sir Henry comes over, gets on his hind legs and pats my thigh with a paw. Mrrroooow? OK, I say, sitting the lid down on the floor. Then Rocco springs awake, jumps off the couch and races over. I give her the tub.

I watched them scoot their treats around on the floor. At one point, Henry left his to go nose in on what Rocco was slurping on, just to see if she got anything better. I had to point back to what I gave him, which still had plenty to lick off.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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