Excellent #ashtanga #yoga practice

I did my usual. I added one strapped dhanurasana after the regular A & B, and one prayer hand ustrasana after the regular. Didn’t add extra vinyasa with either, since I’m so hand-stand-y in that part of my generally hand-stand-y practice.

The yoga felt REALLY good in my mindbody. I got to my Kapo B. Currently I’m walking in as far as I can & then extending up through the arms for five breaths. It should probably be for ten. I tried to walk in a bit further after my five breaths today… I didn’t get very far. I cannot grab my heels. I let myself care about this from a distance. It was like an emotional wince on the other side of the room. The good thing though is that I can get as far in as I’m going & lower my elbows the the floor without The Reaction.

Back bending at the end felt good. I’ve been trying to be more disciplined about doing my three ticks regularly too, because something about them makes the landing urdhva Ds delicious.

Now to take a shower & get to work.




Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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