1hr 5min #HIIT & about 25min yoga


I’ll likely have another rest day tomorrow, because it’s either leave on the 9am bus to get to the bank before work (and kill three hours before my shift) or walk the long, boring, torturous way down Ditch Road later. And my shift ends late enough that I won’t be exercising after. I’m leaning toward the first option. Might be nice to find somewhere to chill out & read…

Getting to the bank is a major expedition when you have to bus there from The Hill. I’ve had two checks for over a week, but I haven’t wanted to take the time for this chore on my days away from retail because I’m busy drawing, and I don’t get long enough of a break at retail to get to the bank and back. (Besides, you really need the short breaks you get to rest and air out your hot & aching feet. The last thing you want to do is go on a desperate power walk.)


  • (50/10)
  • Each group of exercises x2, 12min sets with 1min rest in between each set. Would have been 1hr4min, but I lost another minute when my jump rope broke (again) during the 2nd set. I’m going to have to order another one. Every time I have to fix it, it gets a little shorter and now it’s just a little too short.


Switch lunge w/ oblique wood chop, 10lbs – weight held overhead
Swings, 35lbs kettlebell

*Mountain Climbers (6 rounds of moving plank is no joke on the delts!)

Deadlift & half burpee, 40lbs
Weighted squat jumps & press straight overhead, 20lbs, one weight

*Jump-overs, use block

Clean & press, squat & press, 30lbs
Elevated push-up & knee tuck to opposite arm

*Surfer jumps w/ half burpee

Tricep switch kicks
Goblet squat & press up, 30lbs


Tuck Abs & V-abs, 3lbs
– 10lbs – keep feet off floor, from low boat to C-sit. Lift weight overhead @ the top & try to press it backwards.
Plank jacks, forearm


  • Standing arches (30/15)
  • various ad-lib, no vinyasa

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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