Stretching breeds more stretching #yoga

Man, sometimes when you stretch you get a little “Tourotte syndrome” backlash; you can’t stop stretching! I’d been a little balled up lately, prone to sitting in a hunch for long stretches of time lately, photoshopping obsessively. So yesterday I added three urdhva D’s at the wall. I set my timer for a single interval of 10/60. This means I have 10 seconds to place my hands, wrists braced against wall & fingers pointed outward, after I hit “go”. After each backbend I reward my body with the same interval in a mini savasana. It’s awesome. It’s so easy to completely let go, relax and examine, in that amount of time.

After that I did the normal 3-stage walk in & five drop backs, then finishing. And let me tell you, my shoulders needed more yoga today. It ended up being more of a restorative, because of no hit and hardly any vinyasa, but that’s ok. It’s just what I needed. I’d have taken a rest day, but I have to do the retail thing tomorrow.


  • Suryas & fundamentals, first 2 poses of primary (30:00)
  • 30/15 yoga intervals (about 28min)

    1. Pashasana
    2. other side
    3. Krounchasana
    4. other side
    5. Shalabha A
    6. Shalabha B
    7. 1/2 Bheka
    8. other side
    9. Bheka
    10. Dhanura 1
    11. Parsva D
    12. other side
    13. Dhanura 2 (with strap)
    14. Ustrasana
    15. Pinca M
    16. Laghu vajra
    17. Anjenay
    18. other side
    19. Parighasana (with upavista k legs)
    20. other side
    21. Kapo hang 1
    22. Kapo hang 2
    23. rest
    24. Kapo hang 3
    25. rest
    26. Kapo B
    27. Urdhva D @ wall
    28. rest
    29. Urdhva D @ wall
    30. rest
    31. Urdhva D @ wall
    32. rest

  • Urdhva D to stand

  • Drop Backs, 5

  • Finishing (minus final 3, seated poses, but with a quick bhujangasana after the headstand



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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