#padmasana 22-minute #meditation #prayer

It’s been two consecutive days without exercise, but that really isn’t the main thing, which has been the strain on my mind-body. I’d say that I can’t believe I didn’t make myself ill, but sometimes I can be like a fucking tank.

Sitting with a consciously erect spine & open shoulders for 22 minutes is a great thing to do if you’ve been prone to slumping into a sort of upright, fetal.

I don’t sit and pray like I’m making a list of demands to some authority figure god, in case anyone was wondering. The meditation part is just practice at constantly returning the point of focus to the edges of my nostrils, where the breath moves in and out. I’m almost embarrassed to say that my mind mostly wanted to go to either yoga poses or what I was going to write about the sit after / things I want to keep in mind.

The prayer happens at the end, and takes about 10-seconds, when I bend forward to seal in my practice and set a closing intention, that hopefully the focus practice right before will amplify. What do I want? Fantastic and well paid creative work or assignments that I can do remotely.

I need to sit as close to every day as I can manage.


I’ve made my list of things to accomplish today, one of which will be a workout of course!!!


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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