At least I’m being proactive • 40-min #meditation

My morning routine is stabilized. I put on the coffee and feed Sir Henry, and then I internet-out while caffeinating. Today I was doing all kinds of searches… if I were able to get financial aid, what should I study? It’s gotta be something I’d love, but it’s also gotta be in a field that hires over 50s.

I didn’t major in graphic design. I’ve learned everything I need to know for my part in every industry I’ve ever worked off the cuff. Do people still say “off the cuff”? No matter. So on the one hand, while it might be a good idea to study design and design apps in a collegiate setting, the design industry is second only to tech in ageism, from what I’ve seen, read and heard.

Storyboarding was my first idea. I’d have gotten that gig with ShadowMachine if I’d known more WTF I was doing. I think this field is less ageist. However, the problem with this field of study, and the “getting out there & meeting people” that everyone recommends, is that there are no really great schools for it in Portland. I should be in Los Angeles of course. I remember looking at some online courses at Emerson, in Boston, before I left NYC. That’d be good if I were still in a city with a good income and many social circles. That is no longer the case.

I set up a profile for more information at Pacific Northwest College of Art, to have someone contact me, maybe have a chat. I could possibly go down there. It’s very close to my favorite art store, Blick. (Partly because it is & was the easiest to get to.)

Tangent! After the caffeination I sit. Then I pop in my eyeballs, write a little and start planning my day. I think it’s going to be a just yoga day, as far as exercise goes.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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