Today, the #yoga was what I needed #ashtanga #primary

I took as much time as I wanted. It’s escape from the void. (On the plus side here, I seem to have lost my appetite. I snacked on nuts last night, but basically skipped dinner. Now it’s 12:25 and I’ve only had black coffee and water. I feel like I will never need to eat again, though of course I also know that’s silly.)



  • Suryas & fundamentals, with handstanding & added hanuman + LBH. Didn’t do the 4 discarded primary poses, the ones right before the marichyasanas.
  • Got it up 4 out of 5 navasana to handstand today, though I was really bad on the coming down. I can sometimes come down with some control. Can’t ever thread it all the way through. I only got that every once in awhile, the rare times I’d go for all 5, back in the day.
  • Time to setu bandhasana = 1:03:48

Back bending intervals

  • (15/40) Standing arches & three urdhva Ds @ the wall with rests
  • I’d upped the “working time” in the intervals here from 30 to 40 seconds. The 15-seconds is time to move into the pose, to prepare. It’s enough more of a challenge to feel like “doable work”, as opposed to torture. Lately, when I add asana onto HIIT, I’ve either been doing standing arches or the wrists-braced urdhva D at the wall (leverage, baby). But I noticed they work the bend in slightly different ways. Today I decided to skip the small bit of Second I practice badly & just do the therapeutic instead. I might film this small segment soon, because I think it might be slightly different, both pose roster and my body’s response to each part.
  • Time  = 16:30

Traditional back bending & finishing

  • Urdhva D to standing, only 3 drop backs, no ticks



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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