22-min #meditation • Sit of desperation

I’m doing what I can. With the light of my current read, I realize that anyone in my psychological condition should probably have professional help. I’ve always been a do-it-yourselfer… It’s been over a year since I’ve had a professional haircut. I could have my boyfriend to it, sure, not that he’s a hairdresser. I keep thinking I’ll let it get shaggy, but then I give myself impromptu haircuts, lopping off pieces that stick out willy nilly, like this morning.

It’s now been… let’s see… a month and a half since I dumped a bunch of toxic chemicals on my scalp. I hated doing that. If you’re really gray, the only healthy AND attractive way to color is to get highlights & lowlights, with the dyes painted in foils, so the chemicals never touch your scalp. In this way the colored sections can be interspersed with your natural, graying color as well, and it’s way less damaging than constant, flat color applied all over. But the last time I was doing that in NYC, I was spending $230 every two months. (I was also making a really good salary.)

Enough! If athletic, corporate Portland has rejected me, there is no reason for me to even try to hide my age.

I couldn’t drag my body out of bed early enough for 40-minutes. 22-minutes it is! I had just enough time after to wash my face, get dressed in my “uniform” and write this post.

I wish I could work out too, but I cannot. I have to leave in 10 minutes.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “22-min #meditation • Sit of desperation”

  1. http://cascadiabhc.org/seeking-help/

    Portland Anxiety & Depression Group

    Portland, OR
    2,655 members

    This a Meetup for folks ready (or almost, anyway, with a little encouragement and support) to confront the sadness, worry, inertia, hopelessness and fear that keep us isolated…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    One of these might be helpful.


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