I just got denying #yoga can be a bit more of a salvation than other exercise, at times

I really plugged into the yoga today! If a physical / spiritual practice can take you away from sadnesses and worries, as well as get your blood pumping, well then, by all means, take as much as you have time for. In an underemployed, freelance situation, it can be hard to remember to take time to enjoy.

I followed yesterday’s prescription for recovery day: 40-min meditation and two hours of yoga.


  • My normal blend of primary, second and a tiny bit of 3rd to laghu vajrasana.
    Time = 1:10:38
  • 15/40 back bending intervals. Filmed this bit realtime to take a look at later. I’ll update this post if I decide to YouTube it. Time = 16:30. Total time at this point 1:34:38

    1. Standing arch A
    2. Forward bend
    3. Stanging arch B
    4. Forward bend
    5. Standing arch C
    6. Uttana
    7. Standing arch C
    8. Seated moving twist
    9. Standing arch D
    10. Uttana
    11. Standing arch D
    12. Seated moving twist
    13. Urdhva @ wall 1
    14. Rest
    15. Urdhva @ wall 2
    16. Rest
    17. Urdhva @ wall 3
    18. Rest
  • Regular Urdhva D to stand & 3 drop backs
  • Finishing
  • Savasana!

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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