Ugg. Almost killed me cause 1) I’d eaten too much, too soon before. I’d had a small breakfast & then we went to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron garden while it was still cool. After that was Papa G’s – all the good vegan food is on the east side. I ate my whole plate AND my dessert. 2) It was much warmer out. It stays a bit cooler in the house – downstairs, not upstairs in my rooms – but it still makes a difference.

When I was at The Hotel and it was really hot I’d go downstairs and work out in the gym. That was extra, free AC.

We’ll see how I survive a Portland summer without AC. Even in the hovel I always had air conditioning! After I threw out the unit I inherited from mom & dad, I tried to make it through one summer with an industrial fan. I lasted a week into June, I think. But that was cooler days, I had a north facing apartment & I was out between 6am and 6pm, since I was still practicing in a studio at the time & then working. I quickly gave up & went to PC Richards…


  • Five 12-min HIIT sets, based on BodyRock HIITmax week 7 / Time = 1:05:25
  • Bonuses 35, 33 & 31 in that order

Punch & Switch Kick (L&R)

  1. Knee In Cross Push-Up – Pull knee in, extend leg through, to opp side, resting foot on floor & push-up
  2. Clean & Press, 40lbs
  3. WoodChop – Left (20lbs)
  4. Plank jacks w/ alt Shoulder Touch
  5. WoodChop – Right (20lbs)
  6. 1 Arm Push Up (L&R)

Log jumps (inside hand goes down & same leg)

  1. Push Up & twist, knee to opp elbow (L&R)
  2. Backward Lunge R – Overhead Tricep & kick 20lbs
  3. Super Girl Push Up & Knee Touch (L&R)
  4. Backward Lunge L – Bicep Curl alt Hammer Curl & kick
  5. Jump Scissors to Squat(L&R)
  6. Chest press 40lbs

*Jump Squat & Opp Touch (L&R)

  1. Pike push-up, 1/2 burpee
  2. Single Arm Clean & press (L&R) (20lbs)
  3. 1-Leg Push Up To Downward Dog, opposite Knee touch(L&R)
  4. Push-up & Tuck Jump
  5. V Abs, 10lb weight, arms holding weight out straight
  6. Side Jumps & Punch Front (L&R) (10lbs)

*Knee-in to Switch Lunge

  1. Competition Burpee
  2. Pendulum Squat
  3. Upright Row (30lbs)
  4. Sumo squat elbow to knee
  5. Tricep kick backs (20lbs)
  6. C Sit Russian Twists (10lbs)


  1. Bicep Curls (26lbs)
  2. Reclined tricep (20lbs)
  3. Hammer curls (30lbs)
  4. Lateral Raise (20lbs)
  5. Reverse Curls (3lbs bet feet)
  6. Ab Tucks

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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