40-min #meditation • Didn’t break my seat once today

The thing about sitting in padmasana is, the top foot & calf always go numb after about 20-minutes, from the weight of the bottom foot pressing on the inner thigh. I still sit with my Holosync tracks, currently the 40-minute set. The first track, “Dive”, is 22-minutes long. “Immersion” is the second and is 18-minutes. Normally I change my lotus when the tracks change, switching feet. Today I decided to keep my eyes shut & stay put.

It made the first part of Immersion much deeper, but then an ache set in, in my hips, and it was a challenge to get past that and “re sink”. I think it was from yesterday’s long HIIT. The ache was nothing, but there is such a thing as injuring yourself while sitting in padmasana. I know! I once reinjured my right knee, shortly after the strain of 3rd and part 4th finally started to get to these previously indestructible joints of mine. It’d start to ache in the bad spot and I ignored it. I’d just gotten it back to about 85% and I had to start over. Silliness.

I thought I could feel my hair roots around my crown chakra tingling today, at times. The increasing cloud of gray is quite something. It feels more honest. I enjoy every trim these days because I feel like I’m snipping off the dishonesty. This is what I am! If I’ve already been rejected, there is no need for the stinky chemicals. No.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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