Four sets #HIIT, 1 set inner & outer thighs

You don’t have to burn over 700 every time!
This was going on during my workout. C’s deck project w/ 2 pet supervisors. Too funny!

Very loosely based on BodyRock week 8, except for the burnouts for which I followed along

  • (15/50) 15-second rest / transition intervals to give more time to consult the screen
  • A little less cardio today since there was none in set 5 and no serious back bending.

Set 1

  1. Jump & Twist: jump up & then touch floor at outside edge of alt feet
  2. Tricep Dips
  3. Jumping Mountain Climbers: feet landing outside hands
  4. Tricep press-backs: 20lbs; 1 dumbbell, arms straight
  5. Competition burpees
  6. 1-leg push-up, knee to opp elbow: Elevated feet
  7. Log Jumps
  8. Warrior 3 Row – Left: 20lbs
  9. Warrior 3 Row – Right
  10. Squat & Press Up: 40lbs feet hips width
  11. Plyo hop forward, 2 hops back
  12. Swings, 35lbs

Set 2

  1. Pistol squats, L 5.5
  2. Pistol squats, R
  3. Star jumps
  4. Backwards lunge, feet stationary, R, 35lbs
  5. Backwards lunge, feet stationary, L
  6. Side lunge: 35lbs
  7. Other side
  8. 1-leg pogo: 10lbs
  9. Other side
  10. Step up & knee lift, R 20lbs
  11. Step up & knee lift, L
  12. Wall sit

Set 3 *skipping

  1. Temple tap abs
  2. Mat jumps
  3. Scissor leg crunches
  4. C-sit tuck & frog: Do tuck & then open knees & reach thru in crunch
  5. Straight abs
  6. Sliders

Set 4 *skipping

  1. Reverse Curls with 3lb weight bet feet
  2. 1-leg hip tap: On back & back of one heel; pick other leg up straight & do a hip thrust, just tapping heel to floor bet reps
  3. Other side
  4. Pike: 10lbs, keeping feet off floor, 3lb weight bet feet
  5. Oblique crunch, 3lb weight bet feet
  6. Other side

Set 5 (ankle weights)

  1. First side: Side lift
  2. Inner thigh A (bottom leg)
  3. Knee in & then leg back out
  4. Inner thigh B (C-sit)
  5. Straight out in front pulse
  6. Circle forward
  7. Second side: Side lift
  8. Inner thigh A (bottom leg)
  9. Knee in & then leg back out
  10. Inner thigh B (C-sit)
  11. Straight out in front pulse
  12. Circle forward

HIITmax week 8 burnouts 36, 38, 40. #40 was the fabulous butt squeeze burnout I love so much


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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