Stiff & weak, but still enjoyable, #ashtanga #yoga

Oh my the twists! I’d lost the wrist bind on my pashasana before I quit ashtanga the 2nd time. I’m not sure why. It just went away and didn’t come back. Today I couldn’t bind the first side at all and I tried 3x. I attempted it twice, then did the 2nd side and came back again. Can’t say I was surprised. I’ve done very little asana in the past week and zero twisting, plus marichy D felt super tight.

Also was weak on the vinyasa so I toned it down on the hand standing a bit. Only one on the exit of navasana and one tick.


It was what I needed though… I haven’t sat yet today! I wanted to get right to pulling some samples. I got a response of an posting. They’re looking for an illustrator. Spent a bit over 2 hours pulling some stuff, uploading to DropBox, writing my email. I don’t think anyone’s looked at them yet, but I’m not 100% sure how the notification process works. Then I went back to work on my goddess illustrations for a little while.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “Stiff & weak, but still enjoyable, #ashtanga #yoga”

  1. You are really good at keeping at the job search. You are actually inspiring. And one thing the yoga seems to help me with is hard times–health issues for me. I remember Lino once said, if you lose your job, do yoga. If you get a divorce, do yoga, etc. That kind of stuck with me. So this past 1.5 years have been hard–really the past several years. The yoga is always there, and for me, it helps–cortisol reduction I guess. 🙂 Exercise helps too–but the yoga on top of the exercise seems crucial, not to mention a little sitting thrown in. You are doing all the right things. I really hope the other side of the job crap is coming soon!

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    1. Thank you! I’m afraid, from what I hear from others, and read in the media about transitioning at this age, that I will never have full time work again. And now I have no savings! Which is awesome. Change or die trying right? The thing is, if I hadn’t pulled the plug on NYC, I’d have 1) died in that hovel and 2) always believed that things would be so easy to change if only I’d TRIED.

      The funny thing is that I even contacted 2 of the local colleges last week and neither one of them bothered to respond because Portland. There is an extremely lax communication style here that matches the economy, though I’m no longer surprised by it. At least the air quality is good…

      My morning caffeination time is when I look at what’s out there & send feelers…

      And yes, the yoga… If you’ve got your manduka in hand it’s just about the cheapest form of physical therapy and tuning you can engage in. Even just running outside, for comparison, is much more expensive. You’ve gotta have a couple pair of running shoes and they have to be replaced often. You need more specialized gear than threadbare and hole ridden leggings you bought on sale from American Apparel over 10 years ago, lol.

      I’m more creative than I’d been since college anyway…


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