40-min sit #meditation and why #vegan

Emily’s preaching to the choir as far as I’m concerned, but since I have to go do retail today and will be cut-off from all interactions beyond maintaining the facade of the perpetually perky, minimum wage worker, I watched it right before my sit.

I can’t claim to be vegan. I’m still wearing my one pair of Danskos, though God knows I won’t be able to afford that kind of arch support in the future. I absolutely LOVE the small bag my friends gave me for Christmas. I mostly don’t get gifts anymore! It has small bits of leather. I will still cherish it. I bought four pairs of socks last winter. Yes I spent years making a lot of money to produce the flimsiest of crap for the disposable Walmart market. Those socks are all gone as they disintegrate as early as one or two washes. The pairs I bought at Kohl’s were made by Columbia. It didn’t occur to me until later that they contain wool.

But I look. I think about what my choices support, on a daily, case by case basis. I’m in the last third of this life. I am really trying to keep my karma clean, to live according to what I believe is right, as much as possible.

  • Are we truly living the values we purport to have? I’ve been examining my actions & ethics since I moved away from NYC and all my plans failed. I have a somewhat Stoic belief system… “I must deserve it. What did I do to deserve it?” That question can’t be answered, but I can avoid the blocking out the truths behind my choices. I am constantly reminding myself of the importance of doing the right thing in a world that reassures people it’s ok to do the opposite. 
  • To start our day with the product of abject misery and call it ‘sunny side up’.
  • We still believe ourselves to be ‘animal lovers’. [see: cognitive dissonance]

If I can’t watch the process, do I have a right to eat the product?

No, you do not.

  • We find comfort in the fact that “most people eat the way we do”.
  • We have to start aligning our actions with our values.
  • Become the person you believe yourself to be, a good person.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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