I just did nearly 2-hours of #ashtanga #yoga in the middle of the afternoon because I CAN

Take that, Life! It was a ridiculously low burn and I didn’t even break a sweat but that’s to be expected from a 108 heart-rate (not even a stroll) in a mostly 68-degree room. I’d rather have it be a little cool for the yoga, over the blazing hot it’ll be later. I could’ve always warmed up with some HIIT, but ya, sore feet & old shoes = fuck that.

I’d added my back bending intervals in, between the last of the series poses and urdhva Ds. Did them (10/30) again, rather than having 40-seconds working intervals.

Got back to drawing & some self promotion earlier. I may not even redesign a website at all, when my iPage runs out. I might just do my portfolio on Behance, as long as I’m held hostage paying for a Creative Cloud subscription. (Adobe has a monopoly on design software.)


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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