A “1/4 effort” kind of day #HIIT and #asana #yoga

I hadn’t thought about the “1/4 day” mental trick I came up with in high school since then, I don’t think. On a day I didn’t want to be there but didn’t feel I could avoid, for whatever reason, I’d pretend I wasn’t there and start every task with the intention of doing about a quarter thatI normally would. Then I’d end up doing a little more and wound up feeling I’d come out ahead. See? I’m not even HERE!

Considering what I got up to last night, I accomplished a lot more than just my relatively slacker workout. Not only did I move my body a little, work up a sweat & then stretch things out, I also took the cat on a prolonged walk, sit & hunt insects meander around the house. I applied for maybe 5 or 6 gigs on LinkedIn, and posted a drawing in the main places: Instagram, LinkedIn, Behance & Pinterest. I’m not doing so much on the Design of the Day blog at the moment. Standalone doesn’t seem to work well unless you know SEO. I just know what it is, not how to make it happen. Therefore I ought to be more regular on sites where people do regular searches.


Thigh & Belly Fat Burning Workout

  • (15/50) with skipping before for a 32:30-min set
  1. Squat Jump
  2. Superman to Push-up, extending arms foward & lifting arms & legs at the bottom
  3. Switch Lunge
  4. Side Plank Reach Through-Right, with 5lb weight
  5. Side Plank Reach Though-Left
  6. Alt Pistol Squats
  7. Single Leg Squat Jump-Right
  8. Single Leg Squat Jump-Left
  9. Spiderman Push-up
  10. Leg Scissors On back, heels just off floor & shoulders raised, cross ankles over each other
  11. Over the River (Mat) Jump Squats Lateral jumps, kicking butt
  12. Reverse Plank Hold
  13. Single Leg Squat to Heel Raise-Right
  14. Rock the Boat Banana to tuck ab
  15. Single Leg Squat to Heel Raise-Right


  • All timed to 1-min except the 5-min sirsasana.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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