The Knight of Swords and a quest of the mind #tarot


The Knight of Swords is incredibly determined. Not only did he turn up as card 2 in my last two readings, he appeared in one I did for C last night. Today he is card 3…

I happened to flip by a page in the book that describes overall emphasis of the “court cards”. The pages are the initiators, for example, and the knights are the questers. The swords have to do with the mind, and so the knight of swords is on a quest of the mind.

The Knight of Swords is the Sun and the Son. His lion mask is a symbol for the Sun and the golden light radiates and streams out of it. On the Kabbalistic tree of life, the abyss is in the same place as the lion’s mouth; the same place that is called Daath, or Knowledge. Knowledge is where the two snakes of Jachin and Boaz come together in sexual union. The two snakes can be seen etched onto the two swords. The knight himself is the middle pillar.

He rides the middle pillar and crosses the abyss on Wisdom and Experience, as symbolized by the owl. Anytime you say that something exists in the sky, in the heavens; it really exists inside, in your heart and self, in the spiritual unseen universe of energy. The mouth of the Lion and Man are the doorway in and out of the abyss, where the universe is created and where we feed ourselves with food, water and the breath of life. Out of it comes the creative word and Logos.

Card 1, within: VIII Justice

Work, earn, know thyself, create they reality, become they greatest potential. Ground wishes with action. Be the crux of the real and the sublime. Weigh your heart. Ma’at* means Truth. And Truth is what imposed order, law, justice, morality and balance upon primordial chaos.

Keywords: Truth, order, justice, balance, equilibrium, law. Keep a light heart. seeing things the way they really are, the inside vision matching the reality of the outside vision.

Card 2, without: XIX The Sun

Keywords: Happiness, joy, boisterousness, rowdiness, creativity, energy and vigor, libido, projecting, glowing, shining, good luck, celebration, epiphany, enthusiasm, bliss. Success. The opposite of the moon, brightness, openness, agent of illumination.

Card 3, advice: Knight of Swords.

Search or quest for knowledge, mundane or mystical. Quest for exultation and union with God. Search for truth.

Yup. It’s raining. I like it! I’m going to meditate and then maybe do a little drawing.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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