Vtopia Restaurant & cheese shop: review

Excellent! So happy I found out about them & finally got to trying them last week. Now, I’m really poor in my new existence, so I don’t take myself out for lunch very often, but they are on the west side, on Jefferson between 15th & 16th, meaning relatively easy to get to from the hill (but not return from – there are no easy returns). I went last Wednesday and had the excellent tempeh ruben.

Charlie and I went last night but I’d forgotten to check if they have the happy hour on weekends or not (no). We had the deluxe platter, with the vegan meats, and a cup of Caesar salad each (salads not pictured).

The cheese plate was very generous. My favorites were the raspberry brie and the sharp cheddar.

You may’ve noticed this site is about more than exercise lately. That’s partly because fuck it & partly because exercise is becoming less important. I was just on the Sierra Trading Post website looking for cheap sneakers. For some reason clicking through the link in the email got me on a page with at least five really good options, but once I logged in they were all gone & there’s nothing. Oh well!

The universe doesn’t want me to exercise, so much. Got it! lol. I’m gonna go do my tarot cards next.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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